New and Special Features in Android Oreo New Operating System(OS) Smarter, Faster, More Powerful

New and Special in Android Oreo New Android New Operating System(OS) Smarter. Faster, More Powerful

Android Oreo which is the new operating system for android which Google announced recently the previous version of android is N version which is titled as Nougat which is very successful and it features with split screen functionality and notification controlling with powerful security features and many more.

1- Since after the release of Android New version Android Oreo which is making news daily on Google and few of the devices like Google nexus users are getting android oreo version on their mobile phones. Recently google announced few other phone who can get Android oreo version and every one is excited to see what Android oreo version having something in special and in security purpose with the battery keeping in main line of using Android Oreo version.

Special of Android Oreo Version:

1- There are many special things which Android cover and improved for the users and make it ease in Android version Oreo and this time Android Oreo with swift movies behind the scenes with 2x faster and get start with your favorite task more quickly with 2x the boot speed when powering up.

2- Background limits also helps in Android Oreo version and it helps users to minimize background activity in the apps user uses least and marks to be a super power which will not be noticeable by the user.


3- Android Oreo comes with the Auto fill with user permission and auto fill remembers the user login to get in to the users app with a supersonic and super fast speed.

4- In Android Oreo you can do two things at once like picture in picture and it allows users to see two apps at once and its just like the super strength with the vision of laser vision. Like for example you can check the Calendar when you are on call and schedule with any one by switching to picture in picture which makes at ease and its too powerful.

5- In Android Oreo with the touch of few taps user can dive in to More Apps with more info and enjoy their favorite apps in Android Oreo latest android version with the notification dots to quickly see what new and easier to clear that with the swipe and reading the notifications.

6- In Android Oreo Latest Version Android Instant App which is a teleport directly in to new apps right from users browser and there is no installation needed. Android Instant apps are just waving away in Android play store and every developers is having fun creating Android Instant Apps.

7- Android Oreo with Super fast protect safely and soundly comes with the peace of mind for the users with powerful options by which users can have peace of mind in your hand. Now in Android Oreo with Google Play protect which is working to keep your device and both the data safe from misbehaving or misleading apps by scanning 50 billion apps per day even which users haven’t installed on their devices and yes this time Android Oreo comes with more protection.

8- Android Oreo with Talk about a Life Saver which comes whether you are talking, playing or working or even your are streaming a video now user can feel and use it confident about keeping battery strong and full of life in Android Oreo Version with long lasting battery.

9- Android Oreo with more and new Emoji which brings with new stickers and more funny and enjoy the feeling and share the feeling with a fully redesigned emoji set which includes over 60 new emoji in Android Oreo Version.

There are plenty of updates and new features in Android Oreo version and we have covered the basic and main needs of users. Android Oreo version is available on Android developers to experience the magic of Android Oreo.