How to facetime on Android

How to facetime on Android

Facetime is very useful application for video calling and it is just like skype and messenger and it’s a built in IPhone application on app store which can be used by Apple iPhone users and its very handy as well you can make video calls from one iphone to another iphone and you cant install facetime on android but in android play store there are many application which can reach the need of the purpose of facetime and Google duo is essentially facetime on android.

How to Facetime on Android:

If you love face time and you are not having iphone and you are an android user and love to use facetime on Android then there are several other applications available instead of facetime.


Skype is a great option for video calling in android and it also offers free voice and video calling along with text messaging and file sharing. You can also use skype for call home and call mobile phones at very low cost and it even offers group video calls.


Viber is another alternative of facetime which is compatible with android devices and its free to download and use and offers voice and video calls as well as group and conference calls and also to text messaging and file sharing and calls to landline and mobile phones at very low rates with no advertisement.


This is an another video calling app for android its free to download and use. Offers audio and video calls and group video calls as well something that facetime doesn’t offer and you are free to send messages, images, videos and more with oovoo.

Google Duo:

Google duo is more similar to Facetime. It allows one-on-one video calls between users and its free to download and is developed by Google. It has many features like “knock knock” which allows you see the preview of the call before actually user answering it.

Google hangouts:

Google hangouts provide more features than google duo. Google duo doesn’t offer group video calling or other messaging features and google hangouts does offer all these features, you can call group calls, share files, conference calls and also share your screen with contacts and its easy to use if you already have google account which makes it very simple for android users to use instead of facetime.


Tango is free to download and use offers free audio calling, video, and also group calls to standard telephones and also have social media features like phot sharing and games as well.


Messenger is an app like facebook that allows users to chat with and call their facebook friends, you can use this for one on one group video calls and its free to use.


WhatsApp is free to use and offers many features like all other applications. Whatsapp also allows users to  chat, make video calls, conference calls, video and audio calls and create groups with friends and many more options like WhatsApp payments as well.

You can use all above applications in android with more features but you cant install facetime as this is an apple product and cant be used on Android Devices.