Fix OTG Not Working on Android Phone

On your android iphone if you have got otg and when you connect otg to your android iphone its not working or otg is not  detected with dongle or flash drive or otg is not showing file manager then you need to check with your android phone otg settings and other below solutions to fix this issue of otg not working when connecting to android mobile.

If otg settings and not configured properly and usb debugging or file transfer is not set when you connect otg to your android mobile then your OTG will not get detected or it will not show.

OTG Not Working on Android Phone

Below are simple and easy ways to fix and resolve otg not working on android device or otg not detecting issues.

Force Restart your device and check

Most of the time this can be a temporary software glitch and you need to force restart your android device and this issue will be fixed easily after force restraining your android device.

Check USB Configuration and Enable File Transfer in Developer Options

Step 1: Open settings on your device and then tap on System

Step 2:  Scroll down to bottom and enable developer options (if you are not seeing developer options then you need to first enable it on your device by tapping 7 times on your build number 7 times and it will be enabled.

Step 3: Open Developer option and Tap on Default USB Configuration

Step 4: Now, select File Transfer / Android Auto option here.

After enabling usb configuration on your android phone then go ahead and connect your otg to your android mobile and check and it will be working fine and it will be otg not working will be resolved.

Check OTG Cable

Sometimes, otg cables become faulty and damaged after sometime of usage and you need to change otg cable and connect to any other android device and check and see otg is detected and otg is working properly or not and if otg is not working then try other method and if otg is working then you need to get a new cable and then connect it your android device.

Enable USB Debugging When you connect OTG TO Android Mobile

You need to enable usb debugging settings when you connect your otg to android device then you will get a notification of usb debugging and simple tap on it and allow usb debugging option and then select file transfer and otg not working on android device issue will be fixed.

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Clear Cache of File Manager

If you are having issues like file manager is not showing when connecting the pen drive using otg then you need to go to file manager and clear the cache of file manager and then check.

Open settings -> Tap on Apps and find file manager app and then select storage and clear cache and delete app data and then connect otg to your android device and this issue will be fixed successfully and file manager will be seen when you connect otg to android device.

Check OTG IS Supported?

If OTG is not supported with your android device or if there is any compatibility issue then otg will not work when you connect to your device and you need to get a new otg and check.

Format OTG and Check file Format of OTG connecting to windows computer

If there is a file formatting issue when you connect otg to android is not working then you need to connect otg to your computer or laptop or make sure it is FAT32 NTFS and format it the android support device format and then connect it.

OTG Not Showing in File Manager Huawei

If your otg is not working when connecting to Huawei mobile and it is not showing file manager then you need to update your huawei mobile to the latest version and enable usb settings and your otg is compatible with huawei or not.

Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy
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