Nothing Phone 1 No Sound from Speaker

How to Fix Nothing Phone 1 No Sound from Speaker

  • To fix nothing phone 1 no sound from speaker -> Make sure your sound settings and adjusted properly and volume is set to high.
  • Make sure you are nothing phone 1 is not connected to any bluetooth or wireless speaker and clean speaker and other solutions explained.

On your nothing phone 1 when you turn on speaker when listening to something on nothing phone 1 like YouTube or songs or any media and you notice that there is no sound coming from speaker then you can fix this issue easily by just following these simple methods. So, lets see in detail below.

First thing you need to check is -> that your nothing phone 1 is not connected to any bluetooth wireless earbuds or airpods and if it is connected to other bluetooth devices then sound wont come from nothing phone 1 speakers.

Nothing Phone 1 No Sound from Speaker

Below methods will help you fix nothing phone 1 no sound from speaker and get back your sound from speaker easily.

Restart Nothing Phone 1

Step 1: Press the side power button 

Step 2: Tap on the Restart button on the screen and wait for your nothing phone 1 to restart completely.

Sometimes, due to minor software or technical issues, this issue can happen and once you restart your nothing phone 1, this issue of no sound from speaker from nothing phone 1 can be resolved easily.

Change Sound Settings

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Tap on Sounds and Vibrations

Step 3: Increase the Media Volume and drag the slider to the maximum

Step 4: Now, Increase the volume of ring and notification volume and alarm volume to max by dragging the slider to the max to high.

Once you change these volume and sound settings on nothing phone 1 then go ahead and check with speaker on your nothing phone 1, then your issue will be resolved if the issue is with sound settings or low volume settings on nothing phone 1.

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Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode

Step 1: Open settings on Nothing phone 1 

Step 2: Open Sound and Vibration settings

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Do Not Disturb Mode option.

Step 4: Turn off Do not Disturb mode and if your DNB Mode is off then go ahead and turn on and turn off do not disturb mode.

Turn on Dial Pad Tones, Screen Locking Tones and Charging Sound and Vibration Sounds

Step 1: Settings -> Sounds and Vibrations

Step 2: Scroll down and turn on Dial pad Tones

Step 3: Turn on  Screen Locking tones

Step 4: Turn on Charging Sound and Vibrations sounds by toggling the button next to it.

Adjust Audio on Nothing Phone 1

Step 1: Open Settings 

Step 2: Tap on Accessibility

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Audio Adjustments

Step 4: Adjust the audio balance here to right in the middle to the dot (if you keep this audio balance to one side left or right then you will hear from one speaker only. So, Adjust the audio settings here by using slider or set the slider to middle.

Check Bluetooth Connection

Make sure you turn off your bluetooth and if you have turned ON Bluetooth, then check whether your nothing phone 1 is connected to other bluetooth or wireless speaker and if it is connected to other bluetooth audio speakers like airpods or any bluetooth device then sound will not come from nothing phone 1.

Clean Speakers of Nothing Phone 1

Grab a soft cloth or toothbrush or air blower and clean the speaker of your nothing phone 1 and if speakers are filled with dust or sweat or any other dust material then speaker will not work properly.

Update Nothing Phone 1 to Latest Firmware

If you are running outdated software or firmware update then this can happen sometimes and its always recommended to update nothing phone 1 to latest version to fix this issue and for few of the nothing phone 1 users, by updating nothing phone 1 fixed the issue along with other methods explained here.

Nothing Phone 1 sound not working without headphones

If there is no sound on speaker and sound working with headphones then you need to clean the speaker and clear debris or dust or sweat stuck inside speaker and clean inside jack dust and blow some air and replace the speaker port on nothing phone 1 contacting support.


Nothing Phone 1 media sound not working

Simply restart your nothing phone 1 and media sound not working will start working and due to technical software or glitches this issue can happen.

Why does my Nothing Phone 1 have no sound when playing videos?

If the device is connected to other bluetooth devices like airpods or earpods or if outdated software version of nothing phone 1 can cause this issue and update your nothing phone 1 firmware to the latest version.