Find Lost Nothing 1 Ear Buds using Smartphone

If you have lost wireless nothing 1 earbuds and wondering how to find it using your smartphone it can be android or iphone then you can easily use your smartphone and find lost nothing 1 ear buds at home or anywhere else or lost only one nothing ear 1 buds and wondering how to find lost nothing 1 ear easily using smartphone. So, let’s see in detail.

Find Lost Nothing 1 Ear Buds using Smartphone

Where to look for lost Nothing Ear 1

First thing you have nothing ear 1 buds needs to be contented with your android smartphone or iPhone and then you need to go to find my earbuds and then find your lost nothing 1 ear.

Find Lost Nothing Ear 1 

Step 1: Open Nothing one ear app on your android or iPhone

Step 2: Tap on 3 dot line on top right corner

Step 3: Tap on Find My Earbuds

Step 4: Now, tap on Play icon and tap on Play sound and your lost nothing 1 earbuds will start playing sound and it will help you navigate to lost nothing 1 ear bud easily.

That’s it, this is how you find lost nothing 1 earbud easily by using find my earbud option in nothing 1 ear application.

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What to Do if You Lost My Nothing Ear 1 Case?

You can find nothing 1 ear case if its lost or stolen or you  forgot at someone’s place by using nothing 1 ear application but your nothing 1 ear should be connected to your mobile and if its stolen or lost somewhere else, then you need to contact support and ask them to find out what nothing 1 ear support can do for you.

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