How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Low Volume on Call 


  • To fix Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 low volume on call or listening  Music -> Increase your galaxy buds volume and galaxy mobile volume.
  • Turn off noise cancellation and change galaxy earbuds settings and volume.
  • Update your Samsung galaxy earbuds to the latest version and reset Samsung galaxy buds to default and setup galaxy buds again to fix Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Low Volume on call or listening to music.

When you connect your samsung galaxy buds 2 to your mobile and try to listen to music or speak to someone on call using Samsung galaxy buds and you are experiencing an issue of low volume on Samsung galaxy buds, then you can fix this issue easily. So, let’s see in detail below.

Many users experience this issue of Samsung galaxy buds low volume or no volume when they are on call or sometimes it can be an issue of galaxy earbuds right side ear no volume or left side ear no volume as well and can be resolved easily.

Fix Samsung galaxy buds 2 low volume

Below samsung galaxy buds 2 troubleshooting methods will help you fix galaxy buds low volume and make your sound louder on samsung galaxy buds one ear or right ear or left ear.

Increase Volume on Your Mobile

Most of the time this can be an issue of low volume set on your galaxy mobile itself

Step 1: Grab your galaxy buds case and close buds case

Step 2: Now, open the galaxy buds case and tap on the top notification and increase the volume by dragging the slide to high.

That;s it, once you set the volume to high and increase the volume slider then your issue of low volume on samsung galaxy buds 2 volume will be resolved.

Turn off Noise Cancellation

Step 1: Open Samsung Galaxy Wearable app on Your Galaxy Mobile

Step 2: Under Noise controls -> Make sure that your noise cancellation is turned off and it is set in the middle.

Step 3: Tap on Ear icon (in the middle) and turn off noise cancellation.

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Change Samsung Galaxy Buds Sound Settings

Step 1: Open Galaxy Wearable app

Step 2: Tap on Earbuds settings

Step 3: Tap on the Equalizer option.

Step 4: Change the equalize settings here and check if your sound on galaxy buds is going high or increase in volume.

That;s it, once you change these galaxy buds equalizer settings then you will be able to hear volume high and make your samsung galaxy buds volume higher and get rid of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Low Volume.

Software Update Galaxy Earbuds

If you are running outdated galaxy earbuds software then you will experience low sound and change in sound quality as well. So, go ahead and update galaxy buds software to latest version.

Step 1: Open Galaxy Buds application

Step 2: Tap on Earbuds settings.

Step 3: Now, tap on earbuds software update and wait for your samsung earbuds to check for any latest version of samsung earbuds software is available and the tap on download and install and update your samsung earbuds to latest version.

That;s it, once you update your galaxy earbuds to latest version then your issue of samsung buds low volume or one ear working or left ear no sound or right ear no sound from galaxy earbuds issue will be resolved.

Reset Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Step 1: Open Galaxy Earbuds application

Step 2: Tap on Earbuds settings

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Reset and confirm reset ear buds in pop up windows and wait for earbuds to reset.

Once you reset earbuds then you need to connect your galaxy earbuds again and complete the setup process from scratch and start using galaxy earbuds and your issue of galaxy earbuds low volume on call or right ear or left ear issue will be fixed.

Why Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Low Volume

If you are running low battery or if your volume is set to low on your galaxy mobile or galaxy earbuds or if you are running outdated software on your galaxy earbuds the this issue of low volume on galaxy buds 2 or one side earbud working and left side ear buds low volume issue can occur.


Samsung galaxy buds live volume too low

If you have inserted your samsung galaxy buds incorrectly or it can be your earbuds are filled with dirt or debris or outdated software version of samsung galaxy earbuds will cause this issue.

Galaxy Buds Plus low volume in one ear

Make sure that you have charged your both earbuds on Samsung Galaxy Buds and inserted both earbuds in galaxy buds case properly and charged and if one earbud is not charged and the other gets charged then you will experience low volume in one ear.

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