Find MAC iP Address on MacBook

How to Find MAC iP Address on MacBook

  • On your macbook pro or air to find mac address -> Click on wifi symbol on top right corner -> Select Network preferences and on bottom click on Advanced -> Bottom next to mac wifi address is your mad address or mac ip address.
  • Using terminal -> execute ifconfig and hit enter -> your mac address and other network information of your wifi internet and ethernet information of your mac will be displayed.

If you want to find your mac Address on your macbook then you can easily find mac address by navigating to system network preferences and network and also find mac address using terminal and ip address as well. So, let’s see in detail below.

Mac Address is a physical address which is given to your unique network which is given to your network interference controller and if you are having issues with your network and unable to access few website then you need to change your mac DNS and fix the issues of websites not opening on mac and assign a manual ip address to your macbook.

Find MAC Address on MacBook

Below steps will help you find you Mac iP Address using terminal and using Network preference settings.

Network Preferences

Step 1: On Your Macbook top right corner -> click on wifi symbol

Step 2: Now, click on network preferences.

Step 3: In network preferences -> Click on Advanced on bottom right corner.

Step 4: On bottom next to Wifi Mac Address you will find your Mac iP Address

That’s it, this is how you find mac ip address on your macbook using network preference easily. 

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System  Preferences

Step 1: Click on the apple logo on top left corner.

Step 2: Select System Preferences

Step 3: In system preference -> Click on Network 

Step 4: On bottom -> click on advanced option.

Step 5: Now, on bottom labeled -> mac Wifi address next to the number are your mac ip address of your macbook pro or air. 

Find Mac Address using terminal

To find mac address on your mac you need to open your mac terminal and execute commands.

Step 1: Open finder on your mac.

Step 2: Now, search for terminal and open it.

Step 3: Now, type in ifconfig and hit enter.

Step 4: Enter password if asked and hit enter.

Step 5: Now, the details of your mac address will be displayed and along with it also display all wifi information and ethernet and wifi internet mac address info will be displayed.

Step 6: next to eno is the reference to your mac wifi information and en1 next to will be your ethernet Mac Address.

That;s it, this is how you find mac ip address or mac address on your macbook using terminal and other network information as well on your Macbook.