How to fix LG TV App Restarting for Free UP Memory

  • To fix LG tv App restarting for free up memory and your apps keeps on restarting then you need to free up memory and force restart lg smart tv and stop apps running on lg tv which apps are using more ram on lg tv.
  • Quick fix: Delete unused apps, restart your lg smart tv (power reset)

Now a days LG TV are more popular and who want more advanced features and better screen resolution. Due to lack of memory, it may result in TV performance issues or lg smart tv apps not responding, . So, there are some apps now you have to restart to free up some memory and clear cache of lg smart tv which will free up internal storage of lg tv, so there are some solutions to fix those errors.

How to fix LG TV App Restarting for Free UP Memory

Try below methods and free up space and other solutions to fix app memory issue on lg smart tv.

Reboot your TV

Rebooting is the one of the finest solution to fix those errors on your TV. Unplug your TV for few seconds and you have to take your power cable or use the power button on TV. When your switch off your TV you have to wait for some time for few seconds and connect power source again. Now, check it is working without any errors.

Use Ethernet

People mostly prefer smart TVs because they can connect there TV to wireless network connection to avoid error. So, if you are using wireless network for your LG TV then you have to turn off wifi connection and choose the ethernet cable because ethernet connection optimizes the connection and the apps may work without any errors.

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Software Version

LG smart TV has designed with high performance and advanced features. You have to update to ensure that they working on latest software and don’t show any errors. If your smart TV is running on outdated software version, then might show performance laps and errors. So, you have to update to latest version to fix those errors.

Delete Extra Apps

When the apps reset to free up memory space on LG TV , it may due to TV has too many apps that may cause the memory issue. For those, you have to look for the currently installed apps on LG TV and delete apps that you won’t use on app on LG Smart tv. This is because it clear the memory and fix the errors.
Also, make sure that deleting the apps from setting from LG TV webOS.

Clear Background Space

For LG TV users who have recently downloaded a new app and the error appeared after that, it might have cause the configuration issue which using too much background space. So, delete the recently installed apps  and try using LG TV again(if you will not find any errors).

Factory Reset

When you have concern with repeating errors the you can go for the factory reset. In order to perform factory resetting, open settings and scroll down to support option. From that support tab, go for the general tab and then reset option. Then you can choose, the reset initial/default settings and confirm the reset. When you confirm reset, LG TV will reboot On it’s own.

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