Remove Virus on Your iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11

Virus on iPhone is very rare and it’s not common and once you figured out or suspicious and your iPhone started responding or behaving weird and not opening correctly as you are expecting and all of sudden something pops up on your iPhone without your notice.

Virus can get infected on any iphone and if you have iphone 15, iphone 14, 13, 12, if you install third party apps which contains virus then your iphone can get infected.

If you are trying to go to website and clicking on and you go to other websites or pages that you don’t want to visit and gets redirected to other page and so on and always popups with click to download or iPhone download links etc may be you are having virus on your phone and lets see how to get rid of virus on your iPhone.

Clear History and Website Date

Step 1:Open your iPhone and go to settings

Step 2: Scroll down to click on Safari

Step 3: Scroll down until you see clear history and Website data.

Step 4: click on it and clear history and browsing website data.

That’s it. Once you clear history and browsing data – All your data stored in safari will be cleared like cookies and you wont see any issues playing or accessing your iPhone or any sign of virus on your phone.

Reset iPhone

By removing or clearing history and website data doesn’t solve your issue of getting rid of virus on your phone and if your iPhone is infected with large amount of virus, then only you have to reset your iPhone and to do that follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Click on Apple ID

Step 3: Click on iCloud and Back UP your contacts, phone like photos and media which are important for your and not entire iCloud backup because virus can transfer to iCloud as well.

Step 4: Now Go to settings and scroll down to General

Step 5: Scroll down and click on reset and erase all content and data.

Step 6: Click on Erase now and confirm ok and Follow on screen instruction .

How Can You Get iPhone virus?

If you visit untrusted website and click on something which is not trusted and all times visiting porn websites leads to this issue and also there are many ways to get iPhone virus but apple devices like iPhone or mac get rid of these viruses on their own and make your apple iPhone safe automatically and you can get virus on your iPhone by 2 ways here;

1: If you jail break your device

If you jail break your iPhone it will allow some of the malware to be installed on your phone and also open ports for them to inject virus on your iPhone.

2: Installing third party Apps

If you install third party apps which are not from the apple store and by installing it’s obvious that you download malware from apps which are malicious and all stuff on your iPhone device and invite virus on your iPhone devices

iPhone pop up virus warning

Those pop ups warning keeps on telling you urgent action required virus has been detected virus on your iPhone is fake or warning apple iPhone is infected with virus and immediate action is required and you should not fall for it and it happens with chrome and safari as well. Those are hackers or few websites want to steal your date. Never click on iPhone  virus warning messages on your iPhone.

Can an iPhone be infected by a virus?

iPhone getting infected with virus is not possible until and unless you install any third party application or jail break it.

Does resetting iPhone delete spyware?

Resetting clears everything from your phone and also deletes spyware or any virus on your iPhone.

Vakula Devi
Vakula Devi
Vakula Devi is Senior technical content writer and expert in writing, editing, and fact-checking tech related content and writes about latest tech updates and fixes and how to articles.

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