How to Fix Instagram Showing only Old Posts on iPhone

  • To fix iPhone Remove Suggested Words on Keyboard then you need to update your iphone to the latest version and its a bug reported by many users.
  • Clear browsing data of your instagram app and clear cache and storage and turn off vpn if you are using any vpn.

On your instagram when you are trying to refresh your feed and trying to see new post on your instagram then if you are not able to see instagram new posts and you are notice that instagram showing only old post but not new posts, then you can easily fix this issue by just following these simple and quick solutions, So, lets see in detail below.

Many instagram users experienced the issue of instagram showing only posts or instagram showing only new posts but not new posts as well and this can be a problem with instagram algorithm which shows you the old posts based on your activity sometimes and this can also be the bug as well.

Fix Instagram Showing only Old Posts

Below methods will help you fix instagram showing only old posts and feed is not refreshing on instagram error.

Instagram Bug

This is reported by nany users and instagram released a new update to get rid of this issue instagram showing only old posts and it can be instagram algorithm as well.

Clear Browsing Data

Step 1: Open instagram

Step 2: Tap on profile icon

Step 3: Click on 3 lines menu on right side

Step 4: Tap on Settings

Step 5: Tap on Account

Step 6: Tap on Browser Settings

Step 7: Next to browsing data -> Tap on Clear and clear browsing data of instagram.

Step 8: Confirm clear browsing data and tap on it and wait for browsing data to be cleared on your instagram app.

Step 9: Now, go ahead and follow new people on your instagram and check.

Once you clear browsing data of your Instagram app then you will be able to see new posts on Instagram instead of showing old posts on Instagram issue will be fixed.

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Clear Cache and Storage

Step 1: On your home screen -> Tap on Hold instagram icon

Step 2: A new menu will pop up -> Tap on (i) icon which will open instagram app info settings.

Step 3: Now, scroll down and tap on storage and cache 

Step 4: Tap on Clear Cache and tap on clear storage and confirm in pop up box.

Step 5: Now, open instagram app and login with your login details and check.

That’s it, once you clear cache and clear storage of instagram app then your issue of How to fix Instagram Showing only Old Posts 2022 issue will be fixed successfully.

Update your instagram app

Sometimes there may be an issue with instagram itself and its a software bug or technical issue, and you need to update your instagram app to latest version inorder to fix this issue,

Step 1: Go to Play Store or Apple app store and search for instagram app

Step 2: Now, if there is any new update of instagram available then go ahead and tap on update

Step 3: Wait for instagram to download and install a new version of instagram.

Turn off VPN

If you are using vpn on your device then go ahead and turn vpn off and check whether your issue of instagram feed showing only old posts is resolved or not.

Why is Instagram showing me old stories

This a bug from instagram itself and instagram also released an update for iPhone users as well with new iOS update release or slow internet connection,


Why does my Instagram keep showing old stories?

This can be due to slow internet connection or outdated instagram app version installed on your iPhone or instagram temeprroy software glitches or bugs.

Instagram showing stories i’ve already seen

Due to Temporary software glitch from Instagram this can happen and you need to try clearing cache and clear storage and update Instagram to fix Instagram showing stories i’ve already seen.

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