How to Archive All Instagram Posts at Once

On your iInstagram if you want to archive posts then instagram provides archive feature and if you want to archive multiple posts or all posts of your Instagram account then you can archive all posts on instagram at once easily as well. So, lets see in detail below.

If you want to delete posts on instagram then you can delete them and in case if you want to archive posts and don’t want to lose comments and shares and likes then its best to archive all instagram posts at once and hide posts on instagram from public and don’t lose data when you archive instagram posts.

How to Archive all Instagram Posts At Once

Instead of deleting you can archive all posts on instagram and to archive insta posts, follow below steps.

Step 1: Open instagram account on your mobile.

Step 2: Tap on Profile icon at bottom -> Tap on 3 lines Menu on top right corner.

Step 3: Tap on Your Activity -> Scroll down and Tap on Posts.

Step 4: Tap on Select -> Tap on All posts that you want to archive and tap on archive at bottom and all selected posts on your instagram account will be archived.

Thats it, this is how you archive all posts on instagram account and hide them from public instead of deleting posts on instagram.

How do I hide all my posts on Instagram?

You need to go to your activity on instagram and select posts and then select all posts that you want to hide on your instagram and archive them.

Once you archive posts on instagram then archived posts will not be visible to public and the archived posts will be hidden from public.

Does archiving posts affect Instagram algorithm?

No! There is no such thing that you archive posts on instagram will affect instagram algorithm in any way and there are chances that you are improving unhelpful content on your instagram hiding can positively affect your instagram posts but not negatively or any way.

Does Instagram limit how many posts you can archive?

No! Instagram doesn’t limit posts that you want to archive and there is no limit in archiving posts on instagram and you can archive insta posts how many posts you have and this doesn’t affect instagram or your profile.

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