Does Deleting and Reposting on Instagram Affect Engagement

Of Course it does affect your Instagram account and user engagement and it can affect your Iinstagram negatively as you delete posts on Istagram it looses all engagements likes, shares, comments that you got for posts that you have already posted and by deleting and reposting doesn’t make any sense in doing so and there is no benefit of deleting and posting same posts again and again.

You can archive Posts instead of Deleting Posts on Instagram and Reposting it

If you seriously want to delete posts and reposts them then you can choose to Archive posts on instagram and you can archive all posts on instagram and there is no limit in archiving posts on instagram and if you archive posts you wont loose any data, likes, shares, comments or any other data.

Archive and Unarchive posts on Instagram Instead of Deleting and Reposting Posts on Instagram

Archiving all posts on instagram and unarchiving posts on instagram is better option if you choose to delete and repost posts on instagram and as soon as you archive posts it will be hidden from public without loosing data.

If you want to unarchive posts, then you can select posts on instagram that you have archived and then unarchive them and posts will be visible to your followers and others and it doesn’t affect your instagram account.

Is it bad to delete a post and repost it on Instagram?

Yes! It is if you have already got good engagement and reach for the posts then all data will be lost and once you delete posts then you wont be able to recover posts or engagement that you have got for the post. 

You will be at loss if you delete posts on instagram and when you repost deleted posts, then there is no guarantee that you will get the same reach and engagement or sessions happened with that post and it can negatively affect instagram algorithms and it will be bad for your followers also see the same post if you delete and repost them.

Do reposts get less engagement?

Yes! Its likely to get less engagement if you repost on instagram and its better to understand your instagram followers and audience and then go in that niche and post.

Is it bad to delete instagram post and repost

Yes! Its bad and it can negatively and you can see a decrease in engagement as well on your instagram posts if you delete and repost them.

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