How to Fix All iPhone 14, 14 Pro and Pro Max Bugs and Fixes

How to Fix All iPhone 14, 14 Pro and Pro Max Bugs and Fixes

Apple released iphone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max in 2022 september with new features with new Apple A16 chip for apple 14 pro and pro max mobiles whereas on iphone 14 and 14 pro you will have same iphone 13 pro and pro max chip A15 but little upgraded with one extra core cpu with massive upgrade and improvements made to its camera.

It is said in apple event that apple 14 and iphone 14 plus will have same a15 bionic chip with more improvements with camera and it can take more low light camera than iphone 13 and the same chip is embedded in iphone 13 pro or pro max camera but with increase in battery and camera and with new additional features available on iphone 14 like crash  detection and improvements in camera like action mode, emergency satellite sos and other features.

Massive Update with iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Camera with 48 Mega Pixel

iPhone 14 Pro version and iPhone Pro max version will have A16 bionic chip, first ever faster chip from iPhone till now with improved camera with 48 megapixel with dynamic island  feature and pro raw camera and other new features.

iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 pro and Pro Max Bugs Reported and Fixes

Many iPhone 14 pro users reported several bugs when they first got hands on their new iphone 14 pro or pro max camera.

  • Always on Display Issue

Many Users after experiencing iphone pro new dynamic island and always on display features they experienced the issue with always on display

is getting dimmed and partially visible all times instead of dimming and this affects battery life and this issue is fixed with new iOS 16.1 update release from apple.

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  1. Activation and Migration Issues with iPhone 14 pro or Max or iPhone 14 series

After many users reporting the issue with iphone 14 activation and transferring date (migration) they are experiencing issues like being stuck on transferring data due to storage or crashing after data transfer and apple has released an update iOS 16.1 new version which includes fixes and updates.

  1. Pairing Issues

Many users reported issue with pairing like airpods and other accessaries after they have updated their iphone to latest version and this is not limited to iphone 14 Series and Pro model series but everyone who have updated their iphone to latest version.

  1. Photos Issues with iPhone 14 pro or Max Mobiles

Photos on iphone 14 are becoming very soft and iphone 14 or Pro model apple users experienced this issue as well which is fixed in iOs 16.1 release.

  1. Camera Shaking when Using Application like Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

Many iPhone pro or Pro max users reported that theri camera is shaking or vibration or hearing noise when they are trying to access camera from snapchat application or instagram or any other social media application or third party apps and at first this issue is limited to only camera shaking or vibrating when using snapchat or instagram application camera. But for users their main camera is also shaking or vibration issues.

Apple with iPhone 14 pro or Max is receiving lot of new bugs and apple is releasing fixes with the new iOS 16.1 or 16.2 beta update version with fixes to the issues and recommends every apple users to update their iphone to latest version.