How to Disconnect and Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

  • To unpair apple watch from iPhone -> Open apple watch -> Tap on Apple watch name -> Tap on i iCon to unpair -> Enter apple id password and wait for some time to unpair.

If you want to disconnect your apple watch from iPhone then you can easily disconnect it and if you are having problem with iPhone connectivity issues with your Apple watch or if your is not in pair mode or having issues with pairing on your iPhone or if you want to see your apple watch or if you want to give you apple watch to someone then you need to disconnect your apple watch and unpair your apple watch 

If you want to disconnect your apple watch then first you need to unpair your apple watch from your iPhone and then pair it again if you want or else if you want to sell your apple watch then you need to reset your apple watch and wipe and erase all dat from your apple watch.

Disconnect and UnPair Apple Watch from iPhone

By Using below steps you can easily disconnect and unpair apple watch from iPhone and pair apple watch to new iPhone,

Step 1: Open apple watch app on the iphone.

Step 2: Tap on your apple watch name tap on the i icon tap unpair apple watch.

Step 3: Now, again tap the unpair apple watch.

Step 4:  You have to provide your apple id password.

Step 5: Tap unpair give it some time

Step 6: To unpair your apple watch would be reset to its factory default settings

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Second Method: you can unpair the apple watch from itself

Step 1: Press the Digital Crown button on your apple watch.

Step 2: Now, Go to settings on the apple watch

Step 3: Tap general tap

Step 4: Reset tap Erase content and settings

Step 5: Now, Enter your passcode and tap on tap erase all give it some time and it will unpair from iphone

Once you remove or disconnect your apple watch you need to remove and unpair your apple watch you need to remove and disconnect it from your apple id as well.

Remove Apple Watch from Apple id & remove activation Lock

you have to remove it from the apple id to remove the activation lock from it.

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: tap on your name banner scroll down and you will see all the devices connected to the apple id

Step 3: Tap on the apple watch.

Step 4:  Tap remove from this account enter your apple id password it will be removed from your apple id.

That’s it, this is how you remove and unpair your apple watch from your apple id and completely disconnect your apple watch from apple iPhone and unpairing process of the apple watch from the iphone.

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