How to Delete a Google Account Passkey

If you are using google passkey to sign into your google accounts easily without remembering passwords and for some reasons you want to delete google account passkey then you can easily get rid of google passkey and delete google account passkey as well and google account passkey are stored in google password manager. So, let’s see in detail below.

Delete a Google Account Passkey

There are benefits of using google account passkey but at the same time there are many risks using google account passkey if your mobile device is shared with someone or your google account gets hacked. 

Using a google account passkey that’s easy to login using mobile devices and sometimes there are chances of security risk as well using passkey sometimes if you have installed any other third party apps on your mobile device or if your device is shared.

How to Delete a Google Account Passkey

You can use google account passkey and you can easily setup google passkey and delete google passkey anytime you want.

Step 1: Open Browser and Go to and login to the google account that you want to turn off or delete google account passkey.

Step 2: Once you login to Google Account Passkey -> Go to Passkey you created section.

Step 3: Next to the Device that you have created Passkey -> Click on Cross icon and you will get a pop up window -> Remove the passkey and click on Remove and google account passkey will be removed.

That’s it, this is how you remove google account passkey on your device and delete google passkey.

Why to Delete Google Account Passkey

If you have setup google account passkey and if you have shared your device with someone then anyone who have access to your mobile will be able to login to all your accounts using google passkey and if you have installed 3rd party apps or malware apps then your google passkey is at risk and you need to delete google account passkey.

Can I Remove Google Account Passkey Temporarily?

You can remove google account passkey temporarily and permanently as well and you can delete google passkey permanently as well.

Where are passkeys stored in Chrome and Android Device?

Google stores passkeys on chrome or android devices in Google password manager and makes it easy to login without filling password and username details.

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