How to Clear Cache on iPad Pro or Air

If your iPad is running slow or laggy or responding slow to touch then you need to clear cache on iPad and if apps are opening slow or stuck then you can clear cache on iPad for games or apps and fix issues with iPad. 

There are many ways to clear system cache on iPad and free up internal storage memory on iPad and delete unwanted data on iPad. 

Is it good to clear cache on iPad?

Clearing cache on ipad is always better and it makes your iPad run smoothly when using ipad pro or air and too much bulky cache makes iPad laggy, unresponsive and other issues.

What Happens if i Clear Cache on iPad pro or Air

When you clear cache on iPad this will delete unused data from apps and will delete data cookies data and cache files which will be stored on your iPad to open apps on ipad faster and sometime the cache data can be heavy or bulky which makes ipad laggy or apps becomes unresponsive and you may experience other issues and when you delete and clear cache and data on iPad this will make your ipad run smoother and avoid issues like responding slow or lagging.

Clear Cache on iPad

Below methods will help you clear cache on iPad and this will free up space and also make your iPad run smoother.

Clear Safari Browser History and Website Data

Clearing safari browser history and website data will delete all cache files and all data on your iPad and delete data that safari has stored on your ipad when you browse websites on your iPad and clear cache on ipad safari.

Step 1: Open settings -> Tap on Safari

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on clear history and browsing data and tap on ok in pop up box.

Offload Unused Apps

Offloading unused apps on iPad will clear up cache and data of unused apps that you have on your ipad and will delete cache and data.

Step 1: Open Settings App on iPad -> Tap on General

Step 2: iPad Storage -> Tap on Offload Unused apps and wait for your iPad to offload unused apps.

If you want you can offload unused apps individually by offloading apps on iPad which will free up space and delete unwanted and cache and clear all data on iPad.

Delete Recently Deleted and Empty Recycle Bin

iPad keeps deleted photos on your iPad for 30 days and you need to delete photos from your photos app and delete recently deleted photos and enable icloud photos and empty recycle bin on icloud photos.

Step 1: Open settings on iPad pro or iPad Air

Step 2: Tap on General -> IPad Storage

Step 3: Enable icloud photos and empty recycle bin from icloud photos.

Step 4: Open Photos App and then delete recently deleted photos.

Clear App Cache 

Go to individual apps on iPad and go to settings and go to storage and then clear app cache on ipad and this will delta cache and unused data of apps.

Clear Messages on iPad

When you receive messages on iPad, they will be stored on iPad forever until you delete them from your iPad and deleting messages regularly like spam messages, unwanted messages will help your ipad run smoother.

Set Delete messages on iPad for 30 Days orn iPad

Step 1: Open settings -> Tap on Messages

Step 2: Tap on Keep Messages -> select option 30 days and messages will delete after 30 days.

You can also delete unwanted messages by not selecting delete messages for 30 days and delete unwanted messages and spam messages manually.

IPad clear app cache without deleting app

You can clear app cache on ipad without deleting app by offloading app and also by force restarting ipad and clearing history and website data of Safari browser will free up space and clear app cache without deleting app on iPad.

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