Fix Minecraft Can’t Resolve Hostname Issue

How to Fix Minecraft Can’t Resolve Hostname Issue

  • To fix minecraft cannot resolve hostname error -> You need to enter correct ip address on your minecraft ip address and then open minecraft and check with any server related issues on minecraft.
  • Reset winsock and flush dns on windows computer and allow minecraft app if it is not allowed in windows defender settings and firewalls may block when connecting to minecraft servers from your windows computer.
  • Changing the dns server on your windows computer to google public dns will fix Minecraft unable to resolve hostname error.

When  you are playing minecraft on your windows computer sometimes you can get to see this error cannot resolve hostname on minecraft or unknown host minecraft error or minecraft currently not available in your account error or GLFW Error on Minecraft and this error can be fixed easily by just these simple easy methods. So, lets see in detail below.

Minecraft cannot resolve hostname occurs when there is mismatched with the server ip address or server ip address is entered incorrectly and it is not able to connect to the network and make sure that you are not having any network connectivity issues on your windows computer.

Fix Minecraft Can’t Resolve Hostname Issue

Below  methods will help you fix minecraft cant resolve hostname error and cant connect to server on minecraft.

Step 1: Click on search icon on windows taskbar and type in cmd

Step 2: Right click on cmd and select run as administrator and click on Yes in UAC (user account control) pop up window.

Step 3: In command prompt -> type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter

Step 4: Now, type in -> netsh winsock reset and hit enter and hit enter and reset winsock on your windows computer.

Step 5: Now, restart your windows computer and completely reset winscok on your windows computer.

Once you reset winsock and flush dns on your windows computer then your issue of Fix Minecraft Can’t Resolve Hostname Issue will be resolved successfully.

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Check Server IP Address

You need to check with your server ip address on your minecraft settings and provide correct minecraft server ip address and if you have provided incorrect ip address then minecraft will not connect and you will experience cant resolve hostname error on minecraft.

Allow Minecraft App windows firewall

Sometimes, due to windows defender firewall settings you can experience this cannot resolve host name error on your minecraft app on windows computer.

Step 1: Press windows key + R button and bring up run dialog box

Step 2: In run dialog box type firewall.cpl and hit enter and this will open windows defender firewall settings.

Step 3: On left side -> click on Allow an app or feature through windows Defender firewall.

Step 4: Check whether \minecraft app is allowed or not. If minecraft app is not allowed in windows defender firewall then click on change settings.

Step 5: Select allow other app -> add minecraft app and follow onscreen instructions here and allow minecraft app.

Once you allow minecraft app in windows defender firewall settings then your minecraft will not get any error cant resolved host name error and it will be fixed.

Change DNS Server Address

Step 1: In windows search type in ncpa.cpl and open it

Step 2: Right click on your connected network and select properties

Step 3: Now, scroll down and select internet protocol version 4 (ipv6) and click on properties.

Step 4: Now, select the radio button next to use the following DNS server address

Step 5: In preferred DNS ip address enter -> and in Alternative DNS Server enter this ip address -> and click ok and close settings.

Once you change the dns server address of your windows computer and enter google public dns server ip address then go ahead and open minecraft on your computer and it will get connected and Minecraft Can’t Resolve Hostname Issue will be fixed and you will not get any host connection errors on Minecraft.

Why Minecraft unable to resolve hostname Occurs

This happens when minecraft try to access it servers with your windows computer as a host and if there is any mismatch or network issues or ip address is not correctly set on minecraft then it will not be able to connect to minecraft and you will get an error Minecraft unable to resolve hostname or cannot resolve hostname and if windows firewall is blocking minecraft from accessing it server then also you can see this error.