How to Fix Apex Legends Season 15 Crashing


If you are playing apex legends season 15 on your windows 11 or 10 computer and all of sudden you apex legends seasons 15 crashing or freezing or becomes unresponsive and Apex legend keeps crashing when playing game or apex legend crashing on startup or any other issue with apex legends season 15 then you can easily fix this issue. So, lets see in detail below.

Many Apex  Legend game users are reporting this issue of apex legend game season 15 keeps crashing all of sudden with the new updated version of the Apex Legend game and there are simple solutions and work around solutions as well to get rid of this issue and easily stop Apex from crashing 2022.

Apex Legends Season 15 Crashing or Freezing or Unresponsive

Below Apex Legends game troubleshooting methods and tips will help you fix apex legends game season 15 keeps crashing or unresponsive or freezing or any other issue.

Download and Install DirectX

Most of the times, due to directx you may experience this issue of Apex legned season 15 crashing or freezing or becomes unresponsive and unable to play apex legend game on your windows computer and once you download directx then your issue of Apex Legend season 15 crashing or freezing or unresponsive issue will be resolved.

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Update Graphic Drivers

Wait for the windows to update your graphic drivers and once updated your issue of Apex legend game season 15 crashing or frozen or unresponsive issue will be fixed.

Update Windows to Latest Version

If you are running older version of windows 11 computer and you are playing updated version of apex legend season 15 then you may experience these issues like apex legend crashing or frozen or unresponsive due to compatibility issues.

Once you update your windows computer to latest version then go ahead and start playing apex legend season 15 and your issue of apex legend season 15 game crashing or unresponsive or frozen will be resolved.

Update Graphic Drivers Using Drivers Update Tool

When you use graphic driver updater tools like driver easy or advanced driver updater tool then it will be pretty easy and it will update driver smoothly without issue. 

Turn on Game Mode

If your game mode is turned off on your windows game mode settings then you can face this problem of apex legend season 15 game.

Turn on Hardware Accelerated GPU Graphic Settings

Once you turn on hardware accelerated GPU Settings, then go ahead and launch Apex Legend Season 15 and your apex legend game will not crash or freeze on windows computer.

Why Apex Legends Season 15 Crashing

Apex legend season 15 gets crash or keeps freezing or becomes unresponsive due to graphic card outdated driver and you need to update graphic driver to latest version or due to improper graphic driver settings as well and due to outdated directx and compatibility issues.


How do I stop Apex from crashing 2022?

Update your Graphic Card Drivers to latest version or downgrade and enable hardware accelerated GPU Graphic settings and install DirectX and update windows to latest version.

Apex Crashes When Loading into Game

You need to update your Graphic Card Drivers using device manager or use any graphic driver updater tool and update windows to the latest version.

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