How to Fix Toshiba tv not Detecting USB

  • To fix Toshiba tv not detecting USB first update toshiba tv to latest system firmware update.
  • Format your USB and Check whether usb ports are damaged or corrupted, if damaged contact toshiba support and replace port.

Now-a-days tv sets provide consumers to listen to music and watch videos directly from their USB or if you want to install an app using apk file you need to download apk file on usb and insert your USB and run apk file. Toshiba smart tv is providing a USB port in its rear side. This type of storage ports will be problematic at the times we watch contents on tv and toshiba tv not detecting usb problems will be raised. For this we are providing some solutions to this problem. Let’s look over it.

Fix Toshiba tv not Detecting USB

How to fix toshiba Smart tv Not Detecting USB

Follow below toshiba tv troubleshooting methods to fix toshiba tv not detecting USB

Update your tv Firmware 

One of the way to cause your tv not detecting USB device is due to updated firmware. For this you need to check your latest installed firmware on your Toshiba tv.

If you not update your firmware with latest version. Then you need to visit your official manufacturer website and refer the resume file for the latest version.

Step 1: Press Home button on toshbia  tv remote -> open settings 

Step 2: Open Device Software -> About -> check for updates

Step 3: Press ok on install system update and wait for your toshiba smart tv to restart.

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Check for USB Port Condition on Your tv

Another alternative cause for usb not working on your Toshiba smart tv  is due to burnt out ports or usb ports corrupted. For this you need to check the status of your USB ports on Toshiba tv. If it causes a serious issue you need to ask for a repair service from the manufacturer, if your Toshiba tv  ports are in very bad condition. And also ensure that your tv ports are free from dust particles. Some minor problem connections may have occurred due to build-up dust on ports.

Format USB in exFAT/FAT32

By default most USB ports use the NTFS file system. This format is not supported by many tv brands. For this we need to format our use into the exFAT/FAT32 file system. Before performing thus you need to store all files in to a another backup drive.

Step1: For this plug memory stick into USB on your pc which runs operating system

Step 2: If you check the drive has detected and locate it in This pc

Step 3: Now right click on USB and click on format

Step 4: Next Select the file you want to format 

Step 5: Now start formatting by tapping on start 

Step 6: Then your USB will be cleaned

Step 7: Finally, retrieve your files, before you backup. Now start working on your tv.

That’s it, by following above methods you can easily fix toshiba smart tv not detecting USB when inserting or usb not reading on toshiba tv.

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