How to Connect Toshiba Smart Tv to WIFI

How to Connect Toshiba Smart Tv to WIFI

If you are having Toshiba smart tv and wondering how to connect Toshiba smart tv to wifi and enjoy live streaming and access internet on your smart tv apps like Netflix, YouTube videos and much more, you can connect Toshiba smart tv to WIFI easily by using wired connection as well as wireless using wifi connection, lets see how to connect Toshiba smart tv to wifi.

How to Connect Toshiba tv to WIFI:

Step 1: Press the menu button on your keyboard

Step 2: Scroll down to network section by pressing down arrow on your keyboard

Step 3:Click on wireless connection and make sure WLAN Switch wireless connection is ON

connect toshiba tv to wifi

Step 4: Select AP Connections

Step 5: Now all WIFI connection available will be listed and select your wifi connection and click ok.

Step 6: Type in your password and click enter to connect your Toshiba smart tv to wifi.

Step 7: Now press green button to connect on your remote.

Note: Make sure you enter correct password and press connect button.

Step 8: Once you get connected to your wifi and now you can enjoy internet on your Toshiba smart tv using wifi – wirelessly

That’s it, this is how you connect Toshiba smart tv to wifi and enjoy internet of things on your smart tv.

How to type in password in Toshiba smart tv connecting to W IFI?

To type in password you have to press ok on your keyboard, then on-screen keyboard will appear. Now type in your password by using arrow keys and ok button. Once you have entered password click on enter.

How do I get to settings on my Toshiba TV?

By using Toshiba tv remote you have to press menu button and then use up and down arrow keys and navigate to settings and click on settings and press ok on remote to open settings in Toshiba tv.

Do Toshiba TVs have a reset button and how to reset?

Yes, thoshiba tv has reset button, navigate to settings options by using remote and then settings->setup->reset tv and press enter.

Toshiba smart tv not connecting to wifi

Make sure you are connecting to same wifi network and entering correct password of your wifi and also make sure that your router or modem is close to Toshiba smart TV to detect your wifi connection.

How to reset tohsiba tv?

Open settings and press setup and then press reset tv.

How do I connect my Toshiba Smart TV to Netflix?

Open Netflix icon app on your Toshiba smart tv and then login with your account and enjoy Netflix.