How to Increase PHP Memory Limit WordPress

How to Increase PHP Memory Limit WordPress:

To increase PHP memory limit in wordpress you need to edit php.ini file and wordpress uses certain amount of memory by default which is very less for wordpress site to handle the traffic of server requests to handle wordrpess website and most common wordpres shared web hosting accounts as well as dedicated hosting accounts are optimized to be able to run wordpress and however if you have large number of plugins or you need to upload large number of files to wordpress and there may be a time you need to increase the amount of memory that wordpress can use before.

How to Check WordPress Memory Limit:

To check how much memory wordpress currently is set to in php.ini file to find these you will need to an FTP client such as filezilla and set up a new host in filezilla and connect to it using the ftp credentials from your hosting provider.

Inside of your FTP client navigate to your website folder then into wp-includes and locate the file named default-constance and open that with a text editor inside of default constant php file locate the line with WP_MEMORY_LIMIT on it the one above it is for you if you are using wordpress multi-site .

If you are using the regular version of wordpress look for WP memory limit underneath the else 40 megabytes is the current amount of allocated memory.

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How to Increase PHP Memory Limit WordPress:

To increase php memory limit in wordpress go to the root of your website then locate the file called wp-config.php open the file up with the editor and look for php memory limit. If you don’t have a memory limit set in your file type define followed by parenthesis and WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and all in caps then the new limit in quotes will change it to 512mb and end the line with semicolon below is how it is:

Just copy and paste this if its not declared in your wp-config.php file :- define ( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512’); here php memory limit is increased to 512mb. Make necessary change and upload file to server and now your php memory limit increased.

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