fix yoast sitemap not showing and generating

Fix Yoast Sitemap Not Showing And Generating

Fix Yoast Sitemap Not Showing And Generating

Yoast is a wordpress plugin which is a top and free plugin for seo wordpress and its very easy to use and yoast shows good results in search engine optimization.

Fix Yoast Sitemap Not Showing or Generating:

Yoast seo xml sitemap not generating as you cannot see menu link not showing up in the dashboard for your wordpress site and thats because of the latest update of yoast wordpress plugin and moved few thing around and few functionality and to locate the xml sitemap menu in yoast wordpress plugin.

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How to locate yoast sitemap not showing and generating:<

To locate xml sitemap go to features and press on the gear icon of sitemap section available there and after enabling there will be a link to the sitemap xml files.

After locating the sitemap files in yoast sitemap not showing and generating after successfully locating sitemap it’s time to modify what part of wordpress site is included in the sitemap or excluded accordingly. You need to press on search appearance and then if you have set the option to NO in pages section do not show pages in search result and yes for showing pages in search results and that sitemap will not be showing in sitemap section and will not show in search results and if set to YES then sitemap will be generated and will be listed and show in sitemap generated by yoast plugin and pages will be indexing in google search engine and will be resulting in listing your pages in search and get traffic to your website.

To exclude the certain part not to be indexed or show in wordpress using yoast sitemap, simply go to post section or page section individually and click on edit button and then locate the gear icon in yoast search preview section in yoast meta box and press gear icon and select no and this means that individual url will not included in search results and individual post or page will also be not listed in sitemap generated in sitemap section xml file and do the same thing for the page or posts which you don’t want to index them in search results and its simple and easy for yoast wordpress plugin users.
If you want to exclude the individual category or a tag in wordpress using yoast plugin do the same by going to particular category section and press edit section and go to yoast seo preview and click on gear icon and simply select NO and that will be taken out from the sitemap section and will not be listed.

And with the latest update to fix yoast sitemap not generating or showing then simple locate the xml sitemap in feature section press the gear icon and then general features tab and to be able to include or exclude then you need to simply follow yes and no for pages or posts section either one according to your website setup.