Xbox Won’t Turn On But Makes Sound

  • Check with power bricks/ cables and try to connect with other cable
  • Try to Hard reset xbox one if you can’t turn on and also perform power reset by disconnecting all power cables and wait for 30 seconds and try to turn on.
  • Most of the time this issue is faced if there is a faulty or corrupted cable. So try to replace power cables..

When you try to turn on your xbox one and suddenly notice that your xbox wont turn on but it makes only sound when you turn on xbox. This issue was experienced by many users and most of the time the culprit was power brick or power cable and for few of them hard resetting xbox worked for them. 

Actually whenever you press the Power button it makes that very light noise like as if it’s almost starting on. But it doesn’t fully turn on and no matter how many times you press it it’s just straight up won’t turn on.

I have also gone through the same issue with my xbox. I also replaced my xbox with a new xbox but the same issue was raised with the new xbox. 

This made me think of what actually the problem is with? 

What I found was the problem isn’t your xbox so you don’t have to worry about replacing your xbox. 

The power is the reason why it’s not turning on is because you have an issue with your power brick so if you just buy a replacement power brick  from Amazon though it is not of xbox brand but it works either way.

Power Reset xbox one by Unplugging Cables

Step 1: Unplug plower cable from wall sockets.

Step 2: Wait for 30 seconds

Step 3: Plug back power cables back to wall socket and xbox.

Now give it a try and press power button. Your xbox should turn on if it is not turning on then try other methods.

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Perform a Hard Reset on xbox

Step 1: turn off your xbox one

Step 2: Press and hold xbox power button for 15 seconds.

Step 3: Now, your xbox will reset.

Once you perform a hard reset then go ahead and give it a try. if this doesnt work then the problem is not with xbox or any software issue.

Replace power brick:

So I replaced my power brick with the Amazon power brick. So turns on works great. I haven’t had a problem with it and I’ve been using it for about a month now with the other power brick and it’s just a better way of not having to worry about having to actually replace your xbox because of the new xbox coming out so if you’re  having this problem here’s a quick fix for you.

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