Troubleshooting Xbox Not Connecting to WIFI

If you are connecting your xbox to wifi internet connection and your xbox is not connecting to wifi but it is connecting to everything else and xbox not connecting to wifi with correct password or if you have hard reset your xbox and after hard reset xbox wont connect to wifi then there are simple and easy solutions to fix your xbox wifi connectivity issues.

Many users get frustrated when wifi wont connect to xbox when they try to connect and they try different solutions but they won’t be able to connect and in this case you need to check with xbox status page and check if there is any internet service interruption from xbox and check all services are up and running without any outages.

These solutions and troubleshooting methods will work with any xbox series, xbox series x, series s or any other xbox one and you can try changing dns settings on xbox and change alternate port on xbox and clear alternate mac address and fix xbox not connecting to wifi issues.

Before connecting your xbox to your wifi network make sure your xbox is not far away from router and place router or modem close to xbox and if xbox is far away then xbox will have connectivity issues and wifi will be slow or xbox wont detect your wifi signal.

Check xbox Status

If there is an issue with the xbox status page or internet service interruptions or connectivity outage issues or any issues from the xbox status page then you need to wait for a few hours and connect xbox to wifi. 

Why xbox Not Connecting to WIFI

There are many reasons that your xbox wont connect to wifi and few of the main reasons are due to placing your xbox far away from your router or modem or if there are any issues with router or network related issues then xbox wont connect wifi.

Fix Xbox Not Connecting to WIFI

Follow these below solutions and methods and fix wifi connectivity issues.

Reset or Restart Router or Modem

If there is any issues with router or modem your wifi wont connect to wifi and you need to reset or restart your router and then connect to wifi on xbox.

Unplug all router power cables connected to xbox and then wait for a few seconds and remove all cables from router and unplug them and after 60 seconds go ahead and connect removed power cables and then turn on xbox and connect to wifi.

Place Router or Modem Close To xbox

If your router or modem is far aways from xbox, then xbox wont connect or wont detect your wifi network connection and make sure your xbox is not far away and then connect xbox to wifi and it will detect wifi and connect to wifi network connection.

Forget Wireless Network on xbox and Reconnect

Step 1: Open xbox and from xbox home screen go to settings on top and select gear icon.

Step 2: Select General and from left side menu -> Select Network Settings

Step 3: Select Forget Wireless Network and once you forget wireless network then you need to setup wireless connection on xbox again.

Step 4: Now, Setup Wireless Network and Press x to refresh wireless connection and select your wifi network and enter password and connect to wifi connection.

Once you forget wifi network connection on xbox and reconnect then your xbox will connect to wifi network successfully.

Change DNS Settings

Step 1: Go to Settings on Xbox and Select General -> Select Network Settings

Step 2: Now, Select Advanced Settings

Step 3: Select DNS Settings

Step 4: Select Manual option and Enter Primary iPV4 DNS Numbers as – and Select Next

Step 5: Now, In Secondary iPv4 DNS Enter -> and Select Next

Once you change DNS on xbox then go ahead and connect xbox to wifi network and check.

Change Alternate Port on xbox

Step 1: Open xbox settings -> Select General

Step 2: Select Network -> Select Advanced Settings

Step 3: Select Alternative Port Selection

Step 4: Select Manual Port and Select Different available ports here and click on continue and then connect xbox to wifi network and check.

Sometimes, there may be an issue with alternative port selection as well and after selecting a different port then your xbox will be connecting to wifi network easily without issues.

Clear Alternate Mac Address

Clearing mac Address on your network and restarting xbox and then connecting to wifi network also worked for few users, you can try if you are having xbox wifi connectivity issues after following the above solutions.

Step 1: Open xbox settings -> General -> Network settings

Step 2: Select Advanced Settings -> Select Alternative Mac Address

Step 3: Select Clear and Clear Mac Address on xbox and then restart xbox and after rebooting xbox go ahead and connect your xbox to your wifi network.

Vangari Divya
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