How to fix laptop touchpad not working

How to fix laptop touchpad not working?

On your laptop if you are experiencing issue with touchpad or touchpad button not working or nothing happens when you click or touch your laptop touchpad and wondering why wont my cursor work on my laptop all of sudden, then this is because your touchpad drivers are missing on your laptop or drivers of your laptop touchpad are outdated or this can also be due to that you have accidentally disable touchpad on your laptop, if this is the case then you need to enable touchpad on your laptop. So, lets see in detail how to fix this laptop touchpad issue on your laptop in detail below and enable mouse properties in mouse settings.

laptop touchpad not working:

To resolve this issue you need to use USB mouse or you have to use only keyboard shortcut if your laptop touchpad is not working, so, attach a USB keyboard to your laptop and follow these instructions.

Enable touchpad settings:

Sometimes laptop touchpad not working properly or nothing happens when you scroll you touchpad or click on touchpad or buttons will not respond and this is due to laptop touchpad settings have been disabled, so you need to enable touchpad settings on your laptop and to enable touchpad settings on your laptop follow below steps.

Step 1: In windows search bar type mouse settings.

Step 2: Click on mouse settings and open settings on your laptop.

Step 3: In mouse settings on the left side menu click on Touchpad


Step 4: On the right side in related settings -> click on Advanced options.

Step 5: In mouse properties -> click on Device Settings.

Step 6: Select your device -> Symantec touchpad and click on enable.

Step 7: Click Apply and ok and close mouse properties settings.

That’s it, this is how you enable touchpad settings on your laptop and once enabled go ahead and restart your laptop and when your laptop boots up and restarts your laptop touchpad will be working without any issues if you still face issues go ahead and visit Microsoft website help article.

Update your touchpad drivers:

Step 1: Press win + x on your laptop keyboard

Step 2: using down arrow on your keyboard, highlight device manger and press enter to open device manger settings.

Step 3: using arrows on your keyboard, navigate to mice and other pointing devices and expand it.

Step 4: Highlight HID compliant mouse properties and hit enter.

Step 5: Select the drivers tab and select update

Step 6: Select search automatically for update driver software and Select HID complaint mouse and click on next and wait for the drivers to install latest touchpad drivers.

Reinstall touchpad drivers of HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer Aspire from Manufacturer websites

If updating drivers from device manger doesn’t resolve your issue of laptop touchpad not working and you need to go ahead to manufacture website and download touchpad drivers and install latest touchpad drivers.

For example: if you are using hp laptop then you need to go ahead to hp support website and download touchpad drivers and reinstall them.

Use 3rd Party tools to update drivers and fix laptop touchpad not working

You can also use third party websites like drivereasy or drive support or any other driver update software to keep your laptop drivers UpToDate and update touchpad drivers.

Causes of Laptop touchpad not working on windows 10?

If your laptop touchpad is not working then this can be due to you have disabled touchpad settings or it can be due to outdated laptop touchpad drivers

Why laptop touchpad not working all of sudden?

This can be due to outdated or missing touchpad drivers on your laptop or it can be due to touchpad settings have been disabled.

Fix laptop touchpad not working on Lenovo, hp, acer and other?

Go ahead and update touchpad drivers from manufacturer website and install touchpad drivers manually and fix touchpad not working .