7 Shortcut key to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

7 Shortcut key to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

You can take screenshots by shortcut key combination in windows 10 by pressing right keys. When you are browsing or accessing internet or doing some work and you need to capture and get a captured image of what is displaying on your computer PC screen screenshot easily then you need to check shortcut keys to take  screenshot in windows 10.  This is where Microsoft windows built in features comes to play in handy and taking screenshot vary by the device you are using, let’see in details how to take screenshot and shortcut keys to take screenshot in windows 10. 

Shortcut keys to Take Screenshots in Windows 10:

One: Windows key + Prnt Scrn key combination to take screenshot and it will be saved to Screenshots folder in your Pictures library and you can access it any time you want.

Two: Press Alt + Prnt Scrn on your keyboard to capture screenshot of a single app and select the app first and press Alt + Prnt Scrn on your keyboard. You can then paste the image into an app such as Paint by pressing (Ctrl+V), where you can save it and access it later.

Three: Nearly Pro tablets don’t have a Print Screen button on their keyboard; the Microsoft Surface is one of these. In this case, you can press the Windows key + Fn + Space to save a screenshot to the Screenshots folder


Four: On tablet devices, you can commonly press the Windows button on the bezel of the device while holding down the Volume down key. This saves a screenshot to your Pictures-> Screenshots folder. This does not apply on all tablets.

Six: On Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, you can touch the Power button + Volume up to take a screenshot

Seven: You can use the Snipping Tool to capture screenshots of specific windows or partial screens (see the following section).

How to take screenshot in windows 10:

You can use shortcut keys to take screenshot and capture  picture of your computer display or you can use different application provided by windows like, snipping tool and also snip and sketch tool in windows 10 computer.

Are there any third party applications to capture image and send to someone?

Yes there are different application available online, to make it easy for user to understand and take screenshot and send to someone.

How to take screenshot in windows 10?

Windows key + Prnt Scrn and screenshot will be saved in screenshots folder in pictures library.