How to fix Toshiba Smart tv Keeps Losing Network Connection


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  • To fix Toshiba smart tv keeps losing network connection -> you need to perform soft reset or power reset
  • Reset your router and turn off router for 10 seconds and turn on again after 10 seconds and perform a factory reset if necessary

While Toshiba smart tv is one of the best smart tv in market trends today which is durable and affordable. Along with this you need a stable network connection for enjoying your tv. If you want to watch a movie or want to stream a live football game or watch Netflix. Whenever you’re watching your favourite video, if it’s buffering you get frustrated or it keeps disconnecting from wifi and reconnecting wifi. In order to enjoy a seamless service you need a wired or wireless connection, else use a powerline to extend you’re signal.

Fix Toshiba Smart tv Keeps Loosing Network Connection

Follow below troubleshooting method to fix network keeps loosing on toshiba smart tv

VD - Disabled

Make a Network Connection

Many people use Wi-Fi network in order to connect it to their smart tv easily. So, here are few steps for it.

Step 1: From your remote control press home button.

Step 2: After that choose settings from your Toshiba tv screen

Step 3: By using right arrow button on your remote control, Select network option 

Step 4: After that choose network type and choose wireless device

Step 5: Now on your home network which ask you to enter password

Step 6: After entering password tap on in on your remote control

Step 7: If you done it successful, it shows network symbol on your screen

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Reset Router or Restart Router

Step 1: Now unplug router from power source 

Step 2: Next, wait for few minutes and again plug it back

Step 3: After that try connecting your tv with Wi-Fi

Step 4: Ensure that your router is near to tv If it is far away from your tv it may effect the connectivity. If you still facing the issue you may go with Toshiba tv reset option

Power Reset or Soft Reset Toshiba Smart tv

Step 1: Now on your Toshiba tv locate the power button

Step 2: After that press and hold the power button for 10 seconds then release it

Step 3: Next, unplug your tv from wall outlet for 3-4 minutes. And connect it back again

Step 4: Now try connecting to Wi-Fi

Factory Reset Sony Smart tv

While performing factory reset it Toshiba smart tv will erase all your app data, and customized settings on your tv, but it easily solve he problem

Step 1: Tap on home button on your remote control

Step 2: By using arrow button from your remote control select settings option

Step 3: Now tap on device and software option

Step 4: After that tap on restore to factory default

Step 5: But it takes a few minutes, After that you need to reconfigure your tv once again.

By following above methods you can easily get rid of toshiba tv keeps losing network connection or internet or frequent disconnection of wifi.

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