Identify Sudden Google Organic Traffic Drop

if you see sudden drop in your organic traffic the first thing everyone will be heading to see is their top pages that are ranking in Google Search results or not and drop in ranking keywords that they are already ranking for and check if page is missing from google search.

Start it from there and start investigating why there is sudden drop organic traffic and identify traffic drop pattern from Google – using search console previous data, Google Analytics and start debugging sudden traffic drop of your website using official documentation by google.

identify google ranking drop

Is there any algorithm change from Google or content quality issues, spammy (Spam) links, manual action, spun content, ad heavy, aggregate content, keywords stuffing or many more there are plenty of things to look up when your see a sudden website Google organic traffic drop in keywords and spot Google Organic Website Traffic Drop and diagnose and recover website traffic drop.

Sudden Google Organic Website Traffic Drop Check its seasonal or Not

Google Organic Website Traffic Drop Check its seasonal or Not

The first thing you need to check is the traffic drop is seasonal or not to do this just simple compare the traffic from previous year or any festival time at the same time if its festival season traffic drop from Google and come to a conclusion coz this is mostly happening some times for large websites and get to scare everyone with this seasonal traffic drop.

Read Spam Polices

Go to official google documentation of spam policies and check whether your website is breaking or against the guidelines of Google spam policies.

Helpful Content

Make sure your content on your website is written by human and for humans not written by bots and content should be useful for user and answering users query.

If content is not helpful and having any quality issues then you can expect your website to get hit by google core algorithm updates and check helpful content update guide from Google.

Hit By Manual Action

You need to go to search console and select your website property and go to manual action and check if there is any manual action applied by google or received any manual action or security issue.

Seasonal Traffic Drop

If your website is ranking for season traffic keywords like festivals and other seasonal keywords then you need to first analyze drop in traffic and if its seasonal then you don’t need to worry that’s normal and try to rank for non-seasonal traffic keywords.

Discover Traffic Drop

If your website is receiving traffic from discovery (google App) via web stories or any discover traffic like news etc then this is normal and discovery traffic is based on user interest and this discovery traffic is not permanent and traffic changes happens.

If you have drop in discovery traffic then you need to check whether you are not violating any google discovery content policies on your website.

Check from where Sudden Drop in Traffic

If it’s not the seasonal traffic drop then you need to find out from where your traffic has been dropped whether it’s Google organic search (traffic) drop, direct traffic drop, referral traffic drop or any other.

Is There Any Google Algorithm Change

Is there any Google algorithm rolled recently there is high chance of making your website traffic go up and down and leave you nowhere when there is a Google algorithm update rolled or you may hit hard with the Algorithm and get affected sometimes gets penalized by Google.

If you are hit with the Google algorithm update (core update) which is rolled recently then you will see traffic extremely go down and check your Google Analytics for month set to date range and analyze when you see the graph there will be traffic going down with a sharp decline of traffic and graph will be vastly going down like a mountain shaped graph.

Drop in Ranking Keywords

If it’s not a mountain shaped traffic then you are not hit by any Google Algorithm update released you may be partially hit by the algorithm which is rolled which is change in keywords ranking system or your top pages ranked bit lower compared to first page.

Even though if you rank on top first page and move down from 1 to 2 there will be change in Google organic traffic drop.

Once you know that the above mentioned reasons are not affecting your website then you need to go to Google Analytics and check with the top performing pages of your website and identify the change of traffic from different pages and then you can rewrite the article and check with keywords and analyze the pages what made Google drop from Google search.

Do a deep and thorough check with search console search Analytics data from country wise as well and dip of traffic from country and links pointing to your website.

Now with new search console beta its pretty much easy to identify if you notice change in organic traffic with new search console 16 months data in your search console.

Technical issues

Check search console and see if there are any technical issues on your website and fix any technical issues.

Ramana Tula is a - Technical Content Writer and he is a Full stack Web and Android Developer also - SEO Manager and also manages Digital Marketing.

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