Characteristics of Siberian Tiger and its Classification, Reproduction, Life Span and Its Habitat

Characteristics of siberian tiger

Siberian tiger or Amur tiger Characteristics

The Wild Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) also known as Amur Tiger live in mostly Skhote Alin mountain region in southwest lives in Russian far east which is one of the tiger family which is predator one of the rarest cats on earth with color of flames looks deadly on Siberian tiger.

life span of siberian tiger

Siberian Tiger Higher Classification

Higher classification of Siberian tiger or Amur tiger is Tiger and large subspecies of tiger.

Siberian Tiger Classification

Species: Tigris altaica

Kingdom: Animalia.

Subphylum: Vertebrata.

Class: Mammalia.

Phylum: Chordata.

Order: Carnivora.

Family: Felidae.

Genus: Panthera

Siberian tiger lifespan

Life span of Siberian tiger is 16 to 18 years and upto 25 years in incarceration taken with good care and access to food in cold and winter both male and female. Siberian tigers are also found in zoo with special care.

Siberian tiger Characteristics Size length and weight

Siberian tigers have reddish rusty orange (Yellow) fur coat with a white belly and black stripped markings. The patterns of Siberian tiger markings are unique to each animal, Siberian tiger have heavily muscled forelegs with large paws with sharp retractable claws and long posterior legs for jumping and running down kill and escape in danger.

Siberian tiger is the largest of all tiger’s(cat) species it averages about 3.3 m (11 ft) in length.

Siberian tiger adult male size: Adult male Siberian tigers can weigh up to 320 kg (700 lb).

Siberian tiger female size: Female Siberian tigers can weigh up to 180 kg (400 lb).

Siberian tiger Habitat

Siberian tiger lives in area along the Amur river in excessive eastern Russia and the habitat differ tropical forests to tall grass jungles and coniferous woodlands. Tigers prefer to live in green forest areas with tall grass in jungle with sufficient water and food. Exhibit location of Siberian tiger or Amur tiger is wildlife trails.

Siberian tiger Behaviors

Siberian tigers like to be in cool places by swimming in rivers and Siberian tigers like to hunt hiding in the high grass and hunt. Tiger marks their territories with scent and identify.

Siberian tiger Reproduction

Sexual maturity of tiger Siberian tiger will be reached at their 3 years of age. Siberian tigresses will show behavioral estrous cycles and ovarian phase cycles beginning in January and come to a close (ceasing) in early June.

Siberian tiger Diet

Diet of Siberian tiger in the wild large kill and prey they hunt down deer as their best meal or wild pigs and sometimes they hunt down eggs, birds and carrion.

Diet for Siberian tigers at zoo will be provided with commercial horsemeat of around 15 pounds and 7 days a week for adults and also supplied at zoo with cow bones and frozen rabbit as well once a week and their life span at zoo will be higher than living in wild life with special care taken for Siberian tiger.

Siberian Tiger or Amur tiger Endangered

Siberian tigers or Amur tigers are significantly endangered species with primary threats for the survival of Siberian species in the wild. Siberian tiger conservative status is Endangered with population stable.

There are also White Siberian tiger and reddish yellow and black stripes Siberian tigers.

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