Components of Content Marketing Strategy to Grow Organic Traffic


Quality content offers several benefits to website owners and most of them are incomparable. What is the prime reason for spending finances and coming up with a website? Why do most business owners invest in websites these days rather than opting for physical outlets.

One of the main reasons is that time has become more technology oriented. If you glance at the past, people had very different shopping practices.

To buy something, they used to visit outlets physically because online shopping was not that much in vogue. However, times have changed drastically. Today, people prefer online shopping more than physical purchasing.

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Websites with quality content get more traffic

How do people decide whether a particular website is feasible for them or not? This question has a very simple answer. They judge a website on the basis of content standard. For instance, consider that a user visits multiple websites for buying a sweater. He would go through product descriptions provided on each of the websites. If he feels that a particular website does not have quality product related information, he would look for an alternative.

Thus, it can be said that content quality decides the online sales volumes of a website. If the content on your website strikes the mind of the buyer, he would eliminate all other alternate options.  The flip side is that if the content does not make a mark, the user would click the cross button and look for options with quality related content.

Best ways to improve content quality

Do you think that people are not making frequent visits to your website? If yes then you need to check all possible reasons. A potential reason in such cases is substandard content. Even if you are dealing in the best products but the provided descriptions are substandard, people would not show interest in them.

In a nutshell, you can say that paying proper attention to the content standard is very important. Here are some ways which prove to be effective in this relation.

1. Content grammar checking and proofreading

When a professional writer prepares a content piece, he performs a thorough check for grammatical errors. In most cases, each line is checked so that no mistakes are left. This is what you can expect from a professional writer. Thus, when customers visit websites, they weigh each one of them on the basis of content standard. If there are grammatical issues with it, they start having doubts about whether the brand is reputed or not. In a lot of cases, customers start doubting the legitimacy of the brand. Online buying depends a lot on trust and customers do not take any chances.

  • To get customers and retain them, you should be absolutely sure that the content published on your website is 100% grammatically correct. Even one mistake can spoil the perception of the customer. Hence, proofreading is necessary. As a website owner, you should make sure that your content development team is checking each and every line. The use of automated software applications is much better than manual checking.

2. Keep an eye on competitor content

It is a common saying that business owners should never close their eyes towards their competitors. If you keep an eye on what the competitors are doing, you get a chance to make improvements. Smart brands always keep an eye on how the competitors are accomplishing tasks. This obviously helps them in performing better and producing commendable results. By looking at the content development strategy of competitor brands, you can improve your own progress as well. Here are some key points which can be used.

  • Have a look at the writing practices being followed. Are the competitor brands publishing fresh content at the end of each week? If yes then you should adopt the same practice if the competitor brand is producing better results.
  • Quality content helps in getting customers at a rapid rate. The moment a customer gets impressed with the content provided, he would not take long to make a purchase.

3. Sitemap as a part of the content development strategy

Before you have a look at the benefits of a sitemap, you should know what it actually is. A sitemap is basically a skeleton form of the website structure. It helps users in understanding how the website flows. It is a very helpful feature for new users in particular who do not know a lot about the components of the website. If a site map is not there, users have to locate options and this obviously consumes a lot of time. With the help of a sitemap, they are able to know the website components, screens, overall content and the integral sections.

  • It becomes quite hard to grow a website without a sitemap. Why is a sitemap so important? There is a simple answer to this question. Every user who visits a website may have a different set of requirements and expectations. If one user is interested in viewing the “about us” page, the other may only want to check the FAQ page and get some answers. Considering these diverse requirements, having a sitemap does prove to be helpful. In this way, users can get to their desired page without much of a problem.

Summit It Up

If you have a look at the competition between different websites, it is quite intense. Thus, for any website to be more successful than its competitors, it is important to provide top notch options in every area.  For instance, if your website has a sitemap, users would consider it over other alternatives as it would be easier to interpret.

In an overall manner, you can win battles and beat your rivals if you have top notch content on your page. Users accept or reject websites on the basis of the content they provide. Thus, if your content is lacking, it would be very hard to get customer attention and convince them to make purchases. In other words, if you are seeking a high conversion rate, the content on each page of your website has to be outstanding

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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