List of http status code response

Complete list of Http Status Codes Error Responses in Detail

What are Http Status codes Responses?

When a browser sends requests to servers they respond back with http status codes with three digits long. Lets see the complete list of http status codes in brief here and what http error code means here and what does each http response codes numbers and we can identify http error codes and meaning of each http response code errors.

Http status codes and Http 1xx information :

Codes starting with one give some information while the connection is still in progress.

List of 1xx http status codes and Responses :

1. http status code 100 is continue

2. http status code 101 is Switching Portal


3. http status code 103 is checkpoint

Http status codes and Http 2xx information :

Http response codes starting with two means a successful connection was made. 200 says everything is ok but 201 status code to 206 http status code means more is happening, like new resources were created or there wasn’t any content to send back.

List of 200 http status codes :

1. 200 is ok

2. 201 is created

3. 202 is accepted

4. 203 is Non-Authoritative information

5. 204 is No content

6. 205 is Reset content.

7. 206 is Partial content.

Http status codes and Http 3xx information:

Https status codes starting with 3xx indicate redirection, like 301 for permanent redirection or 302 and 307 for temporary redirects.

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List of 3xx http status response codes:

1. http status code 300 is for multiple choice

2. http status code 301 is moved permanently

3. 302 is found

4. 303 is see other

5. 304 is Not modified

6. 305 is Use proxy

7. 307 is Temporary Redirect

8. 308 is Permanent redirect (doesn’t act as 301 redirect its different).

Http status codes and Http 4xx information:

https status codes starting with 4xx response show there was a client side errors, like 404 if a requested resource doesn’t exit or page not found or 403 if the user is isn’t allowed to access.

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List of 4xx http status code response codes:

1. Http status code 400 means Bad Request

2. Http status code 401 means Unauthorized

3. Http status code 403 means Forbidden

4. Http status code 404 means Not Found

5. Http status code 407 means Proxy Authentication Required

6. Http status code 408 means Request timeout.

7. Http status code 409 means Conflict

8. Http status code 410 means Gone

9. Http status code 411 means Length Required

10. Http status code 412 means Precondition Failed

11. Http status code 413 means Request Entity Too large

12. Http status code 414 means Request-URI Too Long

13. Http status code 415 means unsupported media Type

14. Http status code 416 means Requested Range Not satisfied

15. Http status code 417 means Expectation failed.

Http status codes and Http 5xx information:

Https status code starting with 5xx response code indicates a server side error. Like failed database connection or the server being down or like less php limit.

List of 4xx http status code response codes:

1. Http status code 500 means Internal server error.

2. Http status code 501 means Not implemented.

3. Http status code 502 means bad gateway.

4. Http status code 503 means Gateway timeout.

5. Http status code 504 means Http version not supported