Benefits And Advantages Of SEO: Why SEO Is Important

Benefits and Advantages of SEO is enormous and it has become a widely adopted online marketing tactic or strategy for the reason that of its success.

Doing an SEO for your website is all about understanding your site keywords and how you place those keywords on your website at correct place and targeting those keywords and doing sometimes as required by On-Page Optimisation and off page optimisation.

1- It’s Absolutely Free Organic Results for SEO

In SEO, organic results and organic traffic which is driving traffic to your website is free when you listed at top there is no need for you to pay per click with a little bit of effort you can get consistent traffic to your website for free.

SEO is free it takes all about you take time for yourself or you pay someone else to do it for you all it takes is time you spend some time on your website and understand the key factors and do it yourself, understand your website is important as you do an SEO.

SEO is not like a pay to play kind of thing like advertising to pay to the advertiser as they are shown up some where where you are advertising.

2 – Advantage of Increase in Traffic by SEO

Increasing the traffic for a website plays a major role in doing an SEO, if you do optimizing your website suitably then getting your website to get on top of the search results accurately.

Top pages from the search results will receive a majority or bulk of impressions and clicks so making website pages to list on top of search engine results can vastly increase the traffic of your website.

SEO also focuses on creating informative and keyword relevant title tags and meta descriptions which shows up in the result pages.

Doing optimization for the tags and the descriptions which mainly helps to increase the traffic and also the click through rate also promotes increases in qualified web traffic.

3- Long lasting result

Search result pages which are coming on the first position of the search engine results which stays their for a reason as best of all the results which is well optimized and content is unique and it stays once after you created it with the prefect keyword it is not like pay to play scenario it stays there.

4 – ROI (Return in Investment)

SEO is also beneficial in return in investment , suppose if you 2000 visitors from paid then 4% of visitors will be converted in to sales.

We can get higher conversion rates by doing correct SEO and Return in investment is also one of the best Benefits of SEO and this cannot be matched with the any of the marketing.

Google sends you the traffic by which the user searched for the word , tag , keyword on your website and these people will be actually looking for the same thing which is present on your website.

These people will click on the ad and a click from google search results click is more valuable than the marketers and there is no match for that. ROI is surely a more beneficial for the SEO.

There are many factor we will cover it in upcoming days.

Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy is a Tech Content Writer and has a Degree of MTech Completed in 2011 and has an experience of more than 8 years as tech content writer and she writes about methods and solutions to fixing daily experiencing issues and helps users to resolve issues with All Smart tv'z, Computers, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and Optimizing methods and other tech related articles with real time experiences and fixes.

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