Hard Factory Reset HTC One

How to Hard Factory Reset HTC One

Hello every one… Now In this article I will be showing you guys how to do a factory reset on an HTC one hard  factory reset. So if you’re selling a phone you want to get rid of all your information this is how I would recommend doing it or if you bought a phone and has someone’s old information this is how you do it and when you do a hard reset it deletes everything contacts pictures any kind of data like password. It deletes everything off of the phone so I’m going to show you guys here that the HTC One has a password on it and it’s saying that you cannot get in so what you want to do is a Hard factory reset. This Hard Factory Reset can be done by following the steps.

Hard Reset HTC ONE

Step 1: Go ahead and power off the phone first and make sure it’s completely powered off.

Step 2: And now that it’s completely powered off. What you want to do is hold the volume down button and the power button up here simultaneously

Step 3: Now it’s going to start firing up the phone.

Step 4: Just keep holding the both of the buttons and we’ll go through a couple screens here before it gets to the screen that you want so just keep holding it. 

Step 5: And there it is once you are here at the screen you want to do a Factory Reset which is among the list of options.

Step 6:  And if you want to scroll down you can do it by using the volume down button. once you’re there on Factory Reset use the power button to select it and go ahead and select it and its Going to start reading your phone.

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It’s going to delete any of the old information all the old stuff off of it and it’ll start reprogramming the clean version of the operating system on the phone. So that’s how you Reset the HTC One. Like I said it will delete all of your information all your texts pictures even if you have stuff locked it will clear everything will get wiped off just a little heads up. So, that is how you do that Hard Reset on the HTC One I hope you guys found this article helpful.