different types of keywords in seo

What are different Types of Keywords in SEO

What are different Types of Keywords in SEO:

Yes there are many types of keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and when google bot crawls for indexing a website it analyses the keywords present in particular document webpage and analyze the article based up on google algorithms and indexes the webpage accordingly and if an article consists of too many keywords present in one article targeting to rank for a particular keyword then google bot considers the article as keyword stuffing and deindexes the article and penalize the website and throw a manual actual penalty in search console(google webmaster tool), that’s why keyword plays an important role in seo and there are different types of keywords in seo for ranking system as well in seo.

While placing the keywords for a particular targetted query of a webpage it is optimized by placing particular keywords in article, like long tail keyword or any keyword whcih they are targetting and this process is called off page optimization to rank a webpage.

Different Types of Keywords in SEO:

To rank a website in google search website owners use keywords in their article to rank it better in google search, here are the different types of keywords.

There are four categories of keywords

Head Term Keyword

Informational Keyword

Long Tail Keywords

Transactional Keywords

Lets see these types of keywords in SEO briefly:

Head Term Keywords:

Head term keywords are short in nature and normally consists of 1-2 words. These types of keywords are often generic in nature, as such they are highly competitive as thousands of websites use them in one way or the other. For instance keywords such as money, health wealth, etc are head term keywords.

Head term keywords have tons of search volume. However, because of their generic and competitive nature, unless you are ok appearing somewhere near the last pages of results (especially if your website is not an authority site) do not try ranking for head term.

Informational Keywords:

Informational keywords are exactly what the name suggest, keywords used to discover information on a specific subject. Depending on the niche, informational keywords often have great search volume. However, because they are informational in nature, they are not very good at conversion.

Informational keywords contains the following phrase ‘where, how, what, and any other question etc’ will be used in these types of keywords.

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Long Tail Keywords:

Long tail keywords are more like phrases, or sentences, Long tail keywords are very specific and targeted For instance, using our 404 error page example of long tail keyword would “How to fix 404 error pages in search console”.

Because they are specific, and users them to search for information are specific about the information they are searching for, long tail keywords are often the best keywords to rank because they drive targeting traffic.

Transactional Keywords:

Transactional keywords are exactly the transactional in nature. Users using these type of keywords as their search queries are looking to make a purchase. Thus on top of being targeted keywords, these type of keywords are ideal converters, and thus ideal for commercial or affiliate sites.

Transactional keywords contains phrases “buy, for sale, bargain, subscribe, or any other phrases ” indicating someone with the intention to buy.