How to disable Cortana in windows 10 permanently

How to Disable Cortana in windows 10 permanently

In windows 10 cortana is built in default and you need to perform few steps to activate it and cortana is a Microsoft personal assistant which helps windows users to focus on saving time. Once you active cortana in windows 10 and if you wish to disable cortana in windows 10, then you can easily turn off or de-active or disable cortana in windows 10, so, lets see them in details below how we can disable Cortana Permanently in windows 10,

Disable cortona in windows 10

Regedit and how to disable cortana in windows 10 Permanently

Step 1: Click on start menu and type in regedit and open registry editor settings.

Step 2: Now On the left side pane expand ->HKEY_LOCAL_MAHCHINE

Step 3: Expand SOFTWARE folder.

Step 4: Expand Policies folder.

Step 5: Expand Microsoft folder.

Step 6: Now, Right Click on windows ->Select New -> Key (create new folder in left side pane).

Step 7: Now Name the folder as Windows Search

Info: If you want to rename folder just right click on it an rename it and name should be exact as Windows Search.

Step 8: Now Select Created Windows Search folder on left side and Right click on right side pane.

Step 9: Right click on blank area of right side pane ->New->DWORD (32 bit).

Step 10: Now name the new value as AllowCortana

Step 11: Now double click on AllowCortana and make sure the value data is set to 0.

Step 12: Click ok and Apply and close registry editor settings.

That’s it, this is how you disable cortana in windows 10 permanently and to make the changes apply to your computer you must restart your computer.

Once you restart your computer you have successfully disable cortana using regedit permanently and when you click on windows icon and you cannot see corotana and when you click on settings it says cortana is disabled.

Do I really need cortana in windows 10?

Cortana is a windows own personal assistant built by Microsoft to help users, using cortona is helpful in some situations but some times it is not and responds differently, Most of the windows 10 users doesn’t use windows 10 cortana.

Can I disable cortana in windows 10?

Yes ! You can disable cortana using regedit by creating a new value and assigning a value to it.

How to disable cortana in windows 10?

You can disable cortana permanently by using creating a new registry file in registry edtior.