How to fix Samsung + (plus) has stopped (unfortunately galaxy store has stopped)

Due to changes in the living standards and lifestyle, Now-a-days smartphones play a  very important role in our life. Technology plays a crucial role for the development of the smartphone. Samsung smartphones are simple and easy to handle.But sometimes crashes occur due to storage and incompatible apps. To overcome the Samsung + has stopped the issue. Let’s see some methods to override the above issues.

How to fix Samsung Plus has stopped?

Clear apps data and cache

Update and uninstall apps

uninstall smartphone system webview update

SD Card has stopped

Method:1 clear apps data and cache

To overcome the errotical issues we follow some simple steps

Step:1 click on ‘main settings’ option after opening hit on pick ‘application manager’.

Step:2 And now search for the specific app which is creating issues for your phone.

Step:3 Then tap on the app and select ‘force stop’, clear data or clear cache.

Step:4 After that navigate back to the home screen and restart your smartphone.

Method:2 update and uninstall apps 

Samsung + has stopped when your apps are not updated. Let’s see some smooth steps.

Step:1 Tap on ‘play store’ which is  available on your smartphone.

Step:2 After opening the play store click on ‘ menu bar’ which is not the top left corner.

Step:3  Now hit on ‘my application and games’.

Step:4 After that look over available for updates.

Step:5 If any updates available click on update all apps.

Note: if your phone has in numerous apps. Then follow these steps.

Step:1 open ‘ main settings’.

Step:2 Then tap on the ‘ Apps ‘ menu.

Step:3 Look for the app you want to uninstall.

Step:4 uninstall that app.

Method:3 uninstall smartphone system webview update  

Step:1 Open ‘settings’ menu.

Step:2 After that scroll down till you find the ‘ App’ option.

Step:3 From the available app list search for web then it displays like’ android system webview’.

Step:4 Hit on android system webview after opening, now tap on ‘ uninstall updates which is available on the top right corner.

Method:4 SD card has stopped

In order to overcome SD card issue we follow some simple step

Step:1 Now remove your SD card and then launch the app that is not working.

Note: if you won’t use an SD card in your phone then you can skip this method.

Here are some important methods to override the Samsung + has stopped issue.

How to fix Samsung Plus has stopped?

Open phone Settings app-> Navigate to Apps and tap on it->look for Samsung+ and then click force stop. … Go to Settings > Apps > Samsung + > Storage, and click Clear cache

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