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Fix Directv Remote Not Working

If your directv remote is not working all of sudden and when you press power button or any button on directv remote doesn’t respond to anything then the first thing you need to do is reset directv remote and insert new batteries in your directv remote and check.

Sometimes, directv remote doesn’t work even after changing batteries as well and you need to program remote and pair it with your directv and then check and it can also be an issue with directv remote itself it may be damaged.

Directv Remote Not Working After Changing Batteries

If your directv remote is still not working even after changing batteries with new one, then you need to program your directv remote with your tv and select program and press and hold mute and enter button and follow onscreen instructions and program directv remote.

Fix Directv Remote Not Working

Below simple troubleshooting methods will help you fix directv remote not working issues and get back your directv remote working easily.

Step 1: Gran your directv remote and remove both batteries from the battery outlet from back of your directv remote.

Step 2: Now, Press and hold ON button (Power ON Button) on directv remote for 30 seconds and release power on button.

Step 3: Now, press all buttons in and out hard, so that if anything is stuck inside the remote should go away (like dust particles etc) which can also prevent buttons not working will be cleared here.

Step 4: Now, Put batteries back into your directv remote and then press the power button and check your remote is working or not.

Change Batteries of Directv Remote

If your batteries are drained on your directv remote then the remote will not work and you need to change your remote batteries with new AA Batteries and then check with directv remote.

Clean Directv Remote

If something stuck inside batteries can prevent batteries to work properly and if dust or sweat or debris anything stuck inside then directv will not work and you need to clean batteries and your directv remote will work.

Reset Directv Remote

Step 1: Grab your remote and press and hold menu button and select button until blue light blinks twice on directv remote.

Step 2: Now, on your directv remote press 981 and you will see blue light blinking 4 times this means your directv remote is successfully reset.

Step 3: Now, you need to program your directv remote and press volume button twice or thrice until you see tv keys aren’t programmed and then press select button on remote and select program remote on your directv.

Step 4: Now, press mute button and enter the key on the remote and your receiver and remote are successfully set up for Rf.

Step 5: Select Program remote -> Select Change tv and you will see code successfully received. 

That’s it, once you reset direct remote, your issue of directv remote not working will be fixed successfully.

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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