Vivo Phone Stuck on Startup Screen Logo

  • To fix vivo phone stuck on startup screen logo or stuck on logo -> clear cache and clear data using android recovery mode and force restart or hard reset.
  • Update your vivi software to the latest version using usb

You may experience this problem with vivo phone stuck on with start screen logo and this can be fixed easily by following below steps by hard resetting vivo phone. When you notice vivo phone stuck on start screen logo or android stuck on boot loop this can be caused by two reasons one is hardware problem on your vivo phone and gets stuck on with vivo logo screen and unable to boot your vivo mobile and the other cause of vivo phone stuck on start screen logo is software problem, so, lets see in detail how to fix this vivo phone stuck on start screen logo by performing few simple steps.

Note: Before performing steps or starting its highly recommended to take backup all of your data. And also take out memory card sim card from your phone and follow below steps.

How to Fix Vivo Phone Stuck on start screen logo

You need to wipe cache data and clear cache in android recovery mode in order to get rid of vivo stuck on start screen logo (vivo logo) and other below methods mentioned below.

Vivo Phone Stuck on Startup Screen Logo

Wipe Cache data in Android Recovery Mode – Clear Cache

Step 1: Press and Hold Power key + Volume Up key.

Step 2: Let go off both keys after 5 seconds

Step 3: Now you vivo phone will be in recovery mode.

Step 4: Now press the volume down button to select recovery mode option.

Step 5: Press the power button to confirm or select.

Step 6: Now tap on clear data.

Step 7: You will get two options on your vivo mobile phone now 1) Clear Cache 2) Clear all data.

Step 8: Tap on Clear cache and press ok and return back.

Step 9: Now tap on clear data and press ok.

Note: Clear data will remove all phone settings clear data and all settings.

Step 10: Now tap on return once clear data has been successfully completed on vivo phone.

Step 12: Now tap on back icon and go to initial screen of vivo recovery.

Step 13: Tap on Restart and ok.

That’s it once your phone gets rebooted and restarts successfully and your vivo phone will not stuck on start on start screen logo anymore.

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Soft Reset or Force Restart

Step 1: Press and Hold Power key for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Let go off the key until you see VIVI logo.

Step 3: Now, Wait for your vivo mobile to start up,

Once you perform above steps you need to set up your vivo phone again.

Why Vivo phone stuck on logo screen and doesn’t boot?

Some times device cache and clearing data will lead to this problem and also due to software or hardware problem your vivo phone gets stuck on logo and will not restart and it can be fixed easily by hard resetting your vivo phone as explained in this article.

How to clear cache and clear data on vivo phone stuck on logo start screen?

Enter recovery mode and select clear data and clear both cache files and clear all data.

How to enter recovery mode in vivo phone?

Press and hold both power key + volume up key and after 5 seconds let both keys go, on your vivo phone screen you will see recovery mode, this is how you enter recovery mode in vivo phone.

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