How to Fix Mobile Phone Overheating

How to Fix Mobile Phone Overheating

Often mobile phone gets overheated when you are charging or playing games or performing lot of tasks and makes your mobile phone overheating and there are couple of tricks and methods to solve this issue and make your phone not to get overheated, so lets see how to fix this mobile phone overheating issue below in detail and how to cool down phone.

In some situations you don’t perform any task or gets restarting on its own, if you use camera and couple of selfies it gets overheating  as well.

How to fix mobile phone overheating:

Often mobile phone overheating issue is faced by two reasons:

1: Process and gpu gets overheated and starts restarting on its own. (upper part of mobile phone) camera

2: Battery gets heated and starts restarts. (bottom part of mobile phone ) battery

If battery is getting overheated:

If battery is getting overheated then you are using wrong charger or not compatable charger which you got it from manufacturer or using fast charger to charge your mobile which your normal phone doesn’t support and will overtime damage your battery and makes your mobile phone overheating and lands in trouble and restarts on its own.

Charing mobile in Wrong Environment:

If you are charging your mobile in a wrong environment like charging your phone on bed, or charging your phone putting on glass or something which is boosting your mobile to get overheated.

When you are charign your mobile you should remove your back cover, some times the back cover also makes your mobile overheating with the material it is made off while charging and your battery will also be draining fast if you use back cover while charging.

Display of Mobile Phone:

LED display of mobile phone also makes mobile phone overheating, if you charge your mobile with less brightness that will not be making your mobile phone overheat will be better.

If your battery is damaged then it is better to replace battery for sure, coz if battery is damaged you may not know when it can damage mobile phone while charging and it effects battery performance and battery life or using your mobile phone and your battery also be draining fast, if you have an issue with battery.

If cpu or gpu is getting overheated:

If mobile phone overheating with cpu and gpu then your can feel the heat of mobile phone and doesn’t let you touch your mobile phone when you play games or using camera, listening music or performing any other tasks.

Thermal throttling:

Thermal throttling will come to play here which is it stops your mobile phone from overheating and it will not let your phone get more heated and will reduce the power performance and usage, it will not let you use your mobile phone and functionality of your mobile phone will gets disabled in this case.

Due to Applications mobile phone getting overheated?

If you are not using your mobile phone and still you are facing issue of mobile phone overheating then this issue of overheated  is with applications downloade from play store or some other 3rd party installation on your mobile phone.

Applications runs in background and even if you are not using or playing games on mobile eventhouhg phone  gets overheated which is taking too much of your cpu.

Software issue:

Any update which is updated by company is having an issue or Software issue may also lead your mobile phone overheating like operating sytem, like lot of mobile like redmi, vivo and other phone uses different design process their own UI (user interface) which makes your mobile overheated.

Often lot of people complain regarding redmi and vivo and other mobile phone which are manufactured by Japanese, Chinese. To give users more rich and take advantage of technology they use more features or technology which does not support or reach requirement of their os and user interface.

So make your phone up to date when ever new software update your receive from manufactures.

Usage of Other apps on Your Mobile phone overheating?

Often apps like facebook, tiktok, location apps like google etc and taking video which also takes your location, selfies using camera for long time, like many apps for beauty filters etc which are installed from playstore. The best option is unistall apps which are not necessary and make your phone not getting overheated.

If you don’t want to uninstall applications, there are many options on your deivice and playstore to stop application which are causing problems to your mobile phone overheating and will not let application to overrun on your mobile.

Battery optimization on Your mobile phone:

Now a days phone comes with battery optimization and app performance application and it will let you know which apps are taking too much of your battery and which application are running in your background and making your phone over heated, you can check and unistall or replace with alternative app

Playing too many Games:

If you are game lover or photo editor then you should remove your back cover and and play games and use your mobile phone cause back cover makes your mobile phone getting more heated.

Even though your mobile phone issue is not getting resolved and your mobile phone overheating on and on, then you should visit your near service center and raise  a complaint they will be fixing issue by replacing motherboard or battery which is causing moblile overheating.

How do you stop your phone from overheating?

Don’t use back cover when charging, don’t use another usb port charger on your phone use  manufacture charger.

Is it bad if my phone heats up?

Yes! Its bad and some times leads to many serious problems, you should fix mobile phone overheating by following above steps in this article.

How can I check my phone battery health?

You can check your battery health by settings and battery health and also by dialing *#*#4636#*# on your dial pad.