What are the uses of Enabling USB Debugging in Android

Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Phone Developer Option

You can enable usb debugging mode on android phone developer options by just opening settings and enabling it, but there is a little bit more you need to do to enable developer mode in android device, so lets see how to enable usb debugging mode in android.

How to enable debugging mode in Android Phone and Developers options:

If you are using windows 10 computer you need to install preferable ADB drivers on your computer, if you haven’t installed no need to worry. When you connect your mobile to your computer, windows 10 automatically detects and installs necessary ADB drivers for you.

How to enable debugging mode in Android Phone:

Step 1: Connect your Android device to your computer/laptop using USB cable.

Step 2: Open settings app

Step 3: Scroll down and select About phone.

Step 4: Find Build number option

Step 5: Now click on build number for 7 times. (till it prompts Now you are a developer).

Step 6: Go back now and you will see an option called developer option.

Step 7: Click on Developers option.

Step 8: Make sure developers mode is on

Step 9: Scroll down and you will see USB debugging or ADB debugging.

Step 10: Click on USB debugging (enable it) and click yes and allow USB debugging on android device.

That’s it you have now enabled USB debugging on your Android mobile and developers options as well. Now whenever you plug in your cable it prompts as notification section just click on notification and Allow USB debugging and just click on yes allow to connect via USB debugging on android phone.

What are the uses of Enabling USB Debugging in Android:

There are many useful things you  can do by enabling usb debugging in android coz once you device is connected to your computer and enable usb debugging then your phone will communicate with the Android SDK over a usb connection and you can open your files and