Call log or History Not Showing Name in Redmi Mobile

On your xiaomi redmi mobile or redmi note 11, 12 pro or any other mobile when you open call logs and history and you cant see name of the person on call logs, then you need to check with phone contacts app permissions and allow permissions and even though the contacts name is saved on your redmi mobile and still it is showing number on redmi mobile then you can fix this issue easily by following these simple solutions.

Generally, if you save a phone number as contact on your redmi mobile with name then it will show name of the person on your call logs or call history when you see them in your call logs on redmi mobile.

Why Phone Dialer App Not Showing Contacts Names

If you have not allowed phone dialer app to access contacts app then phone dialer app will not show contact name due to permission restrictions and you need to allow permissions for contacts app and it will start showing names in phone dialer app.

Call Log or History Not Showing Name in Redmi Mobile

If calls logs are not showing name and showing phone number then you need to first force restart your redmi mobile and clear cache of phone system app and follow other solutions to fix the issue.

Allow Contacts Permissions In Phone Dialer App Settings

Step 1: Open settings and Scroll down and Tap on Apps

Step 2: Tap on Manage Apps

Step 3: Scroll down and find Phone App (dialer app) and Tap on it.

Step 4: Tap on App permissions

Step 5: Tap on Contacts and Allow Permissions for contacts app to access phone dialer app.

Once you allow permissions for contacts app in phone dialer app then redmi contacts log or call dialer app will show contacts name now.

Force Restart your Redmi Mobile

You need to force restart your redmi mobile and if there are any technical or software glitch then contacts name not showing on phone dialer app issue will be resolved.

Clear Internal Storage Space

Sometimes, if you are running out of internal storage space on redmi note 12 or redmi mobiles, then this can also cause the issue of name not showing on dialer app or call logs, history and after deleting unnecessary data and free up internal storage space, your issue of call log or history not showing names on redmi mobile issue will be fixed.

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