How to Fix LG Smart tv Inverted Colors Issue

If you turn on LG smart tv and suddenly you are seeing inverted colors on lg smart tv and you haven’t made any changes to picture settings on lg smart tv then you need to go to inverted colors settings on lg smart tv and easily fix the issue of inverted colors on lg smart tv easily. So, let’s see in detail below.

If lg smart tv is showing weird colors then the dolby vision display is set to vivid mode and you need to turn off vivid mode and change display settings and make display adjustment on lg smart tv.

LG Smart tv Inverted Colors Issue

Below lg smart tv troubleshooting methods will help you fix inverted colors and get back your lg smart tv to normal color mode easily.

Step 1: Grab lg smart tv remote and press gear icon on remote.

Step 2: Settings menu will display on LG Smart tv on side.

Step 3: Press down arrow and go to All settings

Step 4: Press Down arrow and Go to General and Press right arrow and press down arrow and then go to Accessibility.

Step 5: In Accessibility -> Press down arrow and Select Invert colors and press ok on remote and turn off inverted colors option on LG Smart tv.

Once you turn off the inverted colors option on lg smart tv, then your issue of lg smart tv displaying inverted colors issue will be resolved.

Why LG Smart tv Displaying Inverted Colors

If you have turned on the inverted colors option on lg smart tv in Accessibility settings then lg smart tv colors will change and it will display inverted colors and to get rid of lg smart tv inverted colors -> You need to turn off inverted colors in accessibility settings.

Why Does My LG TV Have a Purple Tint?

If you are seeing a pink tint of lg smart tv then your hdmi cable connected to lg smart tv is damaged or corrupted and you need to buy a new hdmi cable and connect it and your issue of purple tint on lg smart tv will be resolved.

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