how to disable or turn off mac startup sound

How to Disable or Turn Off Mac Start-Up sound

If your are getting macbook start-up sound when ever your are turning on your macbook you can disable startup sounds easily by changing system preference -> sounds -> sound effects and mute startup sound and disable startup sound on mac.

Disable or Turn Off Mac Start-Up sound

Disable or turn off MacBook Startup Sound

  1. Launch “System Preferences
  2.  Select “Sounds“.
  3. Choose “Sound Effects“.
  4. Here you can see mute check box
  5. Just click the Check the “Mute Box” to enable.

So this option helps you to reduce the StartUp sound in your Mac.

If this solution does not work  don’t worry follow the next one.

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Disable or turn off Macbook start up sound with terminal

Step 1: Open the “Terminal” window. in the spotlight search

Step 2: Now the Window appears on that type the following commands.

Step 3: “Sudo nvram SystemAudio Volume =%80” then press on “Enter Key” and Give the Password to confirm it.

These commands will help you to Mute the Startup sound. If you want to Enable the Startup sound again on your Mac. Then use the following comments.

Enable Startup Sound on MacBook

So this command helps you to Enable  the Startup sound.

“Sudo nvram -d SystemAudio Volume” then press on “Enter Key” and give the password.

How to disable startup sound on Mac:

Apple menu -> System preferences -> Sounds effects -> click on checkbox mute button -> click on mute box to disable startup sound on mac.