Useful iPhone secret codes and hacks

Best Useful iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks

iPhone has plenty of secret codes hidden that you shoudn’t miss it which opens field mode and unlock all the features on your iPhone with secret codes. Does the iPhone also have Secret Codes like Android Smartphones? Are you curious to know about the Secret Codes and their functionality? Secret Codes do have cool features in them and here we will cover few of the best iPhone secret codes and hacks.

Useful iPhone Secret codes

View IMEI number

Hide your called ID for All SIM

T-Mobile Network


Field test mode

Enable test alters

Disable call barrings

Step 1 : To view IMEI number

Guys every code which I say type it in the dial pad and tap on the call button. So that only it works ok.

Code 1 :  To view IMEI number          

This code is really essential and important for all of us. Because if you accidentally lose the iPhone or if your iPhone is stolen. You can use this IMEI number to block your phone. So, we should always keep these details noted. The code is *#06# you can see the IMEI details on your iPhone.

Code 2 : To hide your caller ID for all SIM

For Verizon, AT & T Sprint Network.

First turn off the show My caller ID option on iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on phone
  3. Then click Show My caller ID option.
  4. And toggle off that functionality.

After that,  if you want to hide your phone number for the recipients.

Go to Dial pad, just dial *67 and then dial the phone number that you want to call. And tap on the call button.

So that  the receiver will see your number as a Private number or unknown. That will be so cool. Don’t wait, go and try.

For T – Mobile network

If you are using the T-mobile network, then use this Code to hide your caller ID. *31# and dial the phone number that you want to call tap on the call button.

Code 3 : To view missed call

You can ask me to view my missed call details on my call log. But then this is an alternative way to view missed calls. So the code is *#62#  and then tap on the call button. You can see the call log of your missed call details here.

Code 4 : Field test mode

 First we should know what field test mode is. It gives a detailed information about the  Network details and signal strength not in the type of bars but in the type of numbers. *3001#12345#* and tap on the call button. Now you are able to see the Network Details and also the signal strength, But till now we have seen it in the type of bars. But now it is in the type of numbers.

Code 5 : Enable test alerts

First of all, what are these Test Alert?

Normally these alert are turned off in our iPhone, when you enable those you will get an Emergency Alerts and Government Alerts about natural disasters like storms or will hear the alarm sound so that you will be careful. And aware of the problem before it’s come to you. So the code for Enabling Test Alert is *5005*25371# – tap on call button now. You can see a message. Test alert is enabled. And if you wish to disable the Test Alerts, then type this code, that is, *5005*25370# tap on the call button now. Test Alert are disabled.

Code 6 : Disable call barring

We all know that call barring is something when you are unable to receive an incoming call and you are not able to make outgoing  calls too. This really frustrates us. So, to disable it, type the code, That is *#33# And then tap on the call button. Successfully Call Barring is disabled.