how to install vpn on hisense smart tv

How to install Express VPN on Hisense smart TV

Hisense smart TV is not more popular than Samsung or Sony but it is one of the fastest growing brands in American Market. These Hisense smart TV combines Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision HDR for a cinema like watching experience, Bluetooth connectivity along with Amazon Alexa. It is very impressive and offers most of the same for the budget friendly price. Sometimes you will not be able to access certain streaming apps due to this Hisense smart TV offer a VPN and these will help you to download.

Need of VPN for Hisense Smart TV

If you wont have VPN installed on your Hisense TV, so there are few convincing reasons why should we use VPN.

Stream Geo-Locked service

Compare to other TV, Hisense smart TV come with wide selection of preloader apps like Netflix, Amazon etc. But geo-restrictions  may prevent from accessing them. Using a Hisense smart TV VPN, you can easily switch virtual location to any country.

Stop ISP Bandwidth Throttling

If your internet speed location slowdown while you are streaming content on your Hisense TV then the reason would be throttling at hands of your ISP because it uses a Deep packet. Inspection to monitor your online activities in order to by pass ISP throttling is to use a VPN on Hisense Smart TV.

Install VPN on Hisense Smart TV

Follow below methods to install VPN on hisense smart tv.

Install VPN App

Hisense TV running on Android TV version of H8F or H9F series then you have to install VPN app by following below steps.

Step 1: First, Subscribe to pure VPN account.

Step 2: Go for the playstore on your Hisense TV and download Pure VPN app. Now, Enter Your login credentials.

Step 3: Then, connect to your desired server location and start streaming.

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Share VPN Connections

If you have installed your VPN on your computer then you can share the connection to your Hisense TV via Ethernet.

Step 1: Right click on Network icon” and “open network and internet settings”.

Step 2: After that Tap on change adapter option and find Tap adapter.

Step 3: Once you done with right click and choose properties.

Step 4: Next, go for sharing tab and check that allow network users to connect through computer internet connection.

Step 5: Now, you observe a drop down list, select ethernet and click Ok.

Step 6: If possible Try to connect any server location through Pure VPN app and connect Hisense TV to your computer with Ethernet cable.

Install Express VPN Via WIFI

By Right click on network icon and choose open network and internet settings. From the list on left side, choose mobile hotspot.

Step 1: Then tap mobile hotspot to turn it on, if you want to change your network name, Name password , click on edit and enter your chosen details.

Step 2: Now, Tap on change adapter option and find Tap adapter.

Step 3: If done with this, right click it and choose properties.

Step 4: Then go to sharing tab and allow network users to connect through computer internet connection.

Step 5: From dropdown list, choose newly created network.

Step 6: Connect to any server location using pure VPN app.

Step 7: On your Hisense TV, connect to. Mobile hotspot via Wifi.

Configure VPN on Router

If you don’t want to share your VPN connection, then you have to consider setting your VPN on your router. In this ways, your Hisense TV and every enabled device at home can use the VPN connection.

Router should be VPN compatible for configuration to be successful.