How to Add VPN in windows 10 and Setup VPN Network

How to Add VPN in windows 10 and Setup VPN Network

When users are sitting at their desk, on-site, they likely use on-site technologies for securing their transmissions. One of the options network administrators configure is to connect via Ethernet, with a direct line to the local router, which connects users to the local intranet and the resources on it. Mechanisms exist on enterprise networks to secure this type of transmission. But when users are out of the office, the on-site options aren’t available to them. In these cases, other technologies are used. One popular option is a virtual private network

What are VPNs?

VPNs allow clients to use shared and public networks to transmit data securely to and from a distant private network, often one an enterprise offers. This enables users to access the company intranet from anywhere, including hotel rooms, conference centers, and coffee shops, safely and securely. To make this possible, a private “tunnel” is created that forms a direct connection between the user and the applicable intranet server. The data that’s sent and received through the tunnel is encrypted as well. The server must run the appropriate VPN services to make this happen, and the client must have a VPN connection set up to use it.

How to ADD VPN in windows 10 or Setup VPN in windows 10

Let’s see setting up a VPN looks on the client side. If you opt to follow along with the process, you’ll be able to see what has to be available for configuration on the server side as well as what needs to be configured on the client. Once the VPN is set up, the connection will appear in the list of available networks on the taskbar (available by clicking the Network icon).

How to Create a VPN in Windows 10

Step 1: Click Start and click Settings. It’s an icon that looks like a cog or wheel.

Step 2: If you see a back arrow at the top of this window, click it.

Step 3: Click Network & Internet.

Step 4: Click VPN in the left pane

Step 5: Click “Add a VPN connection.”

Step 6: Work through the wizard, selecting the VPN provider, network name, server name or address, VPN type, type of sign-in, and, optionally, username and password. For the VPN type, select the appropriate protocol from drop down -> Automatic or Point to point tunnelling protocol, L2PT/IPsecwithcertificate, L2PT/IPsec with pre-shared key, Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol or IKEv2.

Step 7: Click Save.

Step 8: To see the VPN and connect to it, click the Network icon on the taskbar.

That’s it this is how add VPN in windows 10 and you can setup easily by following above steps.

Where can I see VPN added in windows 10?

Once you have added VPN you can see in network list and to connect added VPN just click on Network icon and Added vpn will display and just click on it to connect o VPN.

What is VPN?

VPN is Virtual private network that encrypts and transmits data securely with a secure connection to ensure your online privacy and protect sensitive information and surf website privately without knowing your location and sending any information (hides or manipulates).

Can I Add VPN in Windows 10 computer?

Yes! You can add and setup VPN easily and windows 10 has default options and allows users to setup VPN easily.