Chat GPT Error 1015 and How to Fix

ChatGPT is the most used AI since its release. It has shaken the internet with its features and grabbed a lot of attention and millions of users got registered with chatgpt and chatGPT AI gives what you ask and it solves all complicated issues whether it can be coding or it can be anything what you ask.

When using chatGPT you can get errors sometimes when giving prompt and asking chatGPT too many questions or giving too many prompts to chatGPT then this can lead to overlimit issues and you will get a message you are being rate limited.

You will also see error code 429 status code which means you are making too many requests when you reach the assigned rate limit per day and you need to backoff and then try next day or after sometime.

What Does ChatGPT Error 1015 Rate Limited Means?

This means that you have overused chatGPT and made a lot of requests to chatGPT and as a result chat gpt has banned you temporarily from accessing the website and you need to wait for sometime and avoid making too many requests or giving too many prompts on chatGPT. 

ChatGPT experienced an issue and its outage from chatGPT its been updated in chatGPT OpenAI  status page and they have blocked or locked few accounts and limited usage of users to use chatGPT.

Fix Chat GPT Error 1015 You are Being Rate Limited

You are not alone and don’t worry if you get chatgot error 1015 and this is not from user end and chatGPT experienced an outage and limiting the number of users to login and who can login to chatGPT and use chatGPT and this is an ongoing issue.

After the issue is fixed chatGPT unlocked all accounts who experienced the issue of chatGPT error 1015 and they will be able to use their chatGPT account without rate limit error.

Why is ChatGPT not working?

Due to lot of people using chatGPT which is causing outage issue and making too many request or exceed or temporary software issues and you can check the status of chatGPT open AI and know if the issue is with chatGPT or not.

Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy
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