Change Your Password and Sign-in Options in Windows 10

Change Your Password and Sign-in Options in Windows 10

In windows 10 you can create login password and it’s easy to change your password in windows 10 and sign in options inWindows 10 as it comes with different sign in options like login with password, login with pin, login with windows hello and login to windows 10 with picture password and with fingerprint login aswell, lets see them in detail here.

How to change your password and sign in options in windows 10:  

In the Settings app, you can change your password or choose another method of signing in to your PC, such as a PIN or picture password. To get to these options, click the Accounts icon and then the Sign-in options link.

Change Your Password and different-Sign-in Options in Windows 10

The Sign-in options screen displays all the different ways you can sign in to your PC. At the top of the screen you’ll see a Require sign-in box, which allows you to turn off the requirement to use a password for that PC. This can be okay for a PC in a secure home that’s not used to store personal files, or for online shopping and b anking, but it’s always advisable to have a password for your PC. This is especially true for laptops and tablets that are used in places where they might be stolen, and for work PCs that may contain, or have access to, personal and customer data that’s protected by data protection laws.

Different Sign in Options in Windows 10

Password: This is the option to change the password you use to sign in to your PC, or to create one if you have a Local account and didn’t create a password when you created your account.

PIN: Here you specify a PIN code of your choice that can help you sign in to your PC more quickly than with a password. The PIN works similarly to that of your bank ATM card.

Windows Hello: This requires a compatible webcam or camera and can recognize your face when your sit in front of the PC, to automatically unlock it for you. This option is only available if you have a Windows Hello–compatible camera installed.

Picture password: This allows you to choose a photograph on which you can make three tap, circle, or swipe gestures to sign in. These can include poking a person’s eyes and drawing a semicircle around the top of their head. If you are using a Picture password, try to avoid easy-to-guess gestures, like touching both of a person’s eyes and swiping on their smile.

Fingerprint: If you have a biometric fingerprint reader installed on your PC, you can choose this option to sign in to Windows 10 by swiping or scanning a finger. You will be guided through setting up your fingerprint, which involves swiping several fingers over the sensor five times so that Windows 10 gets accurate scans.