Logout of Netflix on Roku TV

Logout of Netflix on Roku TV

Now- a-days across the world everyone is streaming online services like Netflix , hotstar etc., In that most adopted is Netflix to watch foreign or native movies, shows or web series. It may be a Netflix app for PC or mobile.

And you have shared your Netflix account to your friends or cousins one have to logout from account because more members cannot be used. So some Netflix streaming players are Roku TV and these are different types; they are 3&4,1,2. So you want to logout Netflix on Roku here there are the steps below.

Logout Netflix on Roku 3&4:

Step 1: Choose Netflix on your Roku TV and go for your profile.

Step 2: Netflix main screen will appear and open the menu on left side.

Step 3: Open settings and select sign out.

Step 4: Click on yes to confirm sign out.

If you are unable to open settings, you have to follow these steps for Roku TV. They are up, up, down ,down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up and choose between them sign out, deactivate, start over reset.

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Logout Netflix on Roku 2:

If you want to logout your Netflix account on Roku2, you have to remove Netflix channel entirely.

Step 1: On Roku home screen, open your Netflix channel and click on (*) button on Roku remote.

Step 2: Select Remove channel and click on confirm to sign out Netflix. 

Logout Netflix on Roku1:

To logout Netflix on Roku 1, you have to deactivate Netflix  account from Roku 1.

Step 1: Press  Home button on Roku remote and open Roku settings menu and choose Netflix settings.

Step 2: Then select  deactivate from Netflix account.

Step 3: If you want to reactivate Netflix account by selecting Netflix on home screen and follow on screen instructions.

Logout of Netflix from one Roku player will not affect other Roku devices because all they work independently.