How to Hide and Unhide Snapchat Charms

On your snapchat application on android or iPhone you can hide and unhide and show snapchat charms as well and there are few situations and errors and you won’t be able to show or hide snapchat charms as well and only limited snapchat charms you can hide or unhide or remove on iPhone only and for android users there is workaround solution to remove or hide snapchat charm. So, lets see in detail how to hide snapchat charms and unhide them easily on both android and iphone.

How to remove or Hide and Unhide Snapchat Charms

Hide and Unhide Snapchat Charms

Below methods will help you hide and show snapchat charms.

Step 1: Open snapchat and Go to snapchat chats.

Step 2: Now, Press and hold on the chat of the username or friend here, whom you want to remove or hide the snapchat charm.

Step 3: A new menu will display once you long press on your friend chat.

Step 4: Tap on view friendship.

Step 5: Scroll down and until you see the charm section -> select or tap on the charm that you want to remove.

Step 6: In the popup menu -> tap on 3 dots on top in the pop up box.

Step 7: Tap on hide charm in pop up box on bottom pop up box and confirm in pop up box again to hide charm on snapchat.

That’s it, this is how you hide charm on snapchat and hide charm is available on iOS only.

Why can’t i hide charms on snapchat

All charms on snapchat cannot be hidden and only hide charm on snapchat is available on iPhone iOS 16 or later and for android users you can’t hide charm (all charms you cant hide on snapchat).

Can’t hide Snapchat Charm on iPhone

Snapchat allows you to hide only few limited charms and you cant hide all snapchat charms and only few snapchat charms can be hidden.

How to Remove BFF Charm on Snapchat Frined Profile

You can go to your snapchat friend profile and press and hold your friend profile and tap on view friendship and then tap on bff snapchat charm -> Tap on 3 dots and hide bff snapchat charm on snapchat friend profile.

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